Is this REALLY the Worst Paintball Gun Ever?

The internet would probably tell you it is, but maybe there’s more to it than that. Featuring the Brass Eagle Eradicator.


Tibo Veuchelen says:

What you could do is take a barrel adaptor with picatinny rails that come with bipods and attach a fore grip on it

Black Snow says:

I someone at my local field with this gun

K1NG says:

How dare you put a nitro duck tank on that garbage

Metro Pcs says:

Can u plz lower the fuking music

alexander moreno says:

It’s not the gun that sucks it’s the player

DaMonkey'sVid Keg says:

Turn the background music down man

Steven Mestas says:

killed it lol

Patrick Stevens says:

Would you be able to do something like this for the PMI Black MaXX ?

xSoduz YT says:

Get a new (high quality military grade industrial) spring

CJ SH says:

its a mess up paintball marker.. with a little bit of love it can be beautiful…i got 5 of them..and counting…

Ábel Proszenyák says:

way too much music

Ron Yanochik says:

is a spyder flash a good gun? what’s more power full a spyder flash or etha

Tommy says:

So many breaks

Chris M says:

This one time I was at the local paintball field. I was calibrating my marker. I look over and Kevin is next to me

Justin Bulson says:

blow backs suck ass.

MHAustad X says:

Im siticking to my Etek 4

firebirdude2 says:

Where they barrel breaks? Or chops? Big difference. Maybe the cheap paint is big bore stuff and you swapped to a larger diameter barrel? Just saying. A variable you didn’t discuss.

SJAKO TV says:

Music waaay too loud

Spree Gaming says:

I don’t believe in a so called “bad marker”, people just don’t know how to do any upgrades. I personally have owned my “Spyder IMAGiNE” for 15yrs and never would I say it’s a bad marker.. If you know you’re stuff you can make any marker a great one.

John Joe Smalls says:

My brass eagle eradicator is full auto

Kameron Cart says:

Can u do a review on the spyder xtra paintball marker please

slipAngle says:

What? Whaaaaaaaat? I can’t hear you for the massively loud music.

Aidan Martin says:

Turn the music down please

King Toya says:

when i first got this gun in 2002 i hated it.. but then i bought better paint and changed the ball detents out with a homemade softer rubber detent and it shoot way better.

Mahogany52 says:

Would valken fate get that thing shooting good?

xDaredude1224x Games says:

what hopper you use?

guadalupe villasenor says:

may I have the brass eagle eradicator I was looking for one but I don’t find one and I won’t it to be my first panitball gun or you can tell me where to find one for under 20dollars please and thank guadalupevillasenor

alex todd says:


cool_ice says:


FREAKSHOW762X39 says:

This is also something I love doing! Getting old school and vintage Paintball guns for super cheap and then brining them back to life! I’m from the golden age back in the day and STILL will only use gravity fed/non electric hoppers and gas blowback guns! It’s allot of fun after refurbing on of these oldie but goodies and just owning bunches of little bastards with modern guns and electric everything. Vintage Paintball 4 life!

Brian Ma says:

That’s a really ugly looking hopper



Salvador Betancourt says:

I started with a viewloader I played with it for like five years and took out people with minis and autochockers all the time

Kameron Cart says:

Hey Kevin are you selling any guns right now

Erik Blazer says:

Where do you find seals for these older guns I have a Piranha GTi E-Force that I’m needing to stock up on seals

Blaines World says:

This was my first paintball gun. I got made fun of for owning this. It was bad.

Mapmaker 734 says:

I have a modified version of a brass eagle

cuaj vue says:

For y’all who couldn’t hear him very well, he essentially said that you shouldn’t go out there with the stock barrel and cheap paint, otherwise you’re just asking to get destroyed.

Ryan Whittaker says:

Just purchased 3 used guns, this being one of them. Pretty excited about it now. Great video, thank you.

braden houser says:

hey you probably wont respond to this but im twelve and when im pissed i dont go to the internet and writean enraged review
i feel proud of myself

Virtual Riot says:

Who else just bought a brass eagle eradicator?

heplayz 123 says:

the paint was jt. made for small kids to useso they don’t get hurt.

Nancy R says:

he looks like To Hunt

Defvse says:

Better than the rented ones.

gunfuego says:

It’s a way simpler design and easier to disassemble than a stingray lol.

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