JT DL9 Ready To Play Paintball Gun Kit – Review

To get one of these JT DL9 Ready To Play Paintball Gun Kits visit: http://www.ansgear.com/JT_DL9_Ready_To_Play_Paintball_Gun_Kit_p/jtdl9rtpkit.htm

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Sir ArcticPB says:

I have this gun it pretty good to run lil as can be

Ernesto Torres says:

Couldn’t I just replace the barrel with another DLS first strike compatible barrel?

CJ Martinez says:

what caliber is it

Joe The Juggalo says:

It seems like a pretty good package deal but for the same price as this you can actually get a real paintball marker. Like a Tippmann 98 by itself is the same price as this. Heck spend a extra $30 and get the Tippmann 98 bundle pack. Way better deal if you get the Tippmann 98 bundle because the 98s are a good solid marker that will work better than most markers even years down the road.

ron2berry says:

you just give descriptions of guns not reviews be change this.

NateDawg10879 says:

4:19 That’s what she said

Rey Lopez says:

I have this gun it works great,and i want to know what kind of butt stock can I buy for it

Sashimi Wolf says:

what barrels can I use? any spyder barrels?

D3FY clan says:

where can i buy extra magazines for this gun

Nick Valinho says:

tec-9? is this a good sidearm?

DEFALT defalt says:

Do they still sell this one?

Kandi Klover says:

Nice I saw this box at the Kmart today. I think I’ll go back and get it now instead of spyder victor.

Stitchpb says:

Is that the same mag as the hammer 7?

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