JT E-Icon Paintball Gun Mega Kit – Review

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xXxminecraftPOKEMONloveR says:

Where can I get one

Pepe156 -clash of clans-clash royale- y más says:

Can you put a normal tank?

Pizza Joe says:

is there any other maintenence

Some Grass says:

You need to start including firing tests in your reviews.

radioactive gamer says:

what is the fps on the gun so i can use it indoors

JakeXD says:

I’m new to Paintball. Is this a good begginer gun for speed ball?

Negrandis says:

+ANSgearPaintball thank you for answering! And i also wonder do you HAVE to use a batery for the marker to work?

TrueHero060 says:

50 or 68 cal

Alekai Tv says:

What type of barrel is it and is there any upgrades

I do stuff Hollon says:

The gun is no longer in stock

Mason Ratcliff says:

I’m a beginner my uncle got me into it

Trevor David says:

How do you lube the bolt ANS

Wave says:

Is it automatic?

Misfit1 Airsoft says:

I just bought a tippman grphon… return it and get this bc i spent 103 getting a 20 oz co2 tank and a hopper (i know, i know, i should use hpa) or keep the grphon

Triipz FA says:

this or an azodin kaos?

Negrandis says:

Is the gun made out of plastick?

Mattie McCarthy says:

Where can I buy it ur website is sold out

#Gaming For Life says:

When will it be in stock again

PatrioticBiker says:

Question about the marker: will this go up to 400 fps and is it able to hold frozen paintballs? Also can I put a scope on it? Thank you

Adrenalcookie says:

Was this discontinued I can’t get it anywhere

Joey Unsinn says:

What is better this the ekast or the outcast paintball marker plz reply soon

]•Dude Rekkit106•[ says:

That hopper is an extreme rage overdrive hopper reskin

Triipz FA says:

what size barrel is it and what type threading

Trevor Games says:

why you don’t sell it any more

Xtian C. says:

Dear new players, do not waste your money on this.

JD BlackFox says:

great for the youngsters and really cheap for the quality (around $90)

munchys says:

can you put a bigger tank on it

Yooo says:

Is this a reliable marker

Apple fritter - says:

The loader wont let you put alot and it jams somethimes

Alston Krikorian says:

Can you walk the trigger in semi auto mode?

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