JT Splatmaster Review, Unboxing and Shooting! Awesome Paintball Marker!

Definitely a great gun for anyone starting into the Sport!

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Honest Reactions says:

16:01, there’s a phone in the grass…

Kirk Palma says:

It has yellow filling

Bionicswordmen Youth says:

You know that a butt blue is a sex toy

I Bmx says:

I’m using 68 Cal and the people at the field are using 90 Cal is that fair

Paintball King says:

That gun just sucks get a good gun

AmpherSauce says:

i guess the w he talk about on the paint ball bb stand for war

Connor O'Brien says:

Lol “butt plug” I bet the guys at Jt decided to be retarded and not give a barrel sock just so they got shove them up their asses. Like wtf most paintball places won’t let you bring these if they don’t have barrel socks! Jt needs to step up there game

asriel dreemurr says:

get an ak 47 paintball gun ya dingis

Kalix GFX says:

It doesn’t use HPA (air) is because it runs on pure estrogen

Leon Morgan says:

pile of sh*t

Mason's Paintball says:

Don’t be a puss just bye a spyder or some other shit

GHStudios1000 says:

if you walk into a match with this as your main gun you will get laughed at

105_048894 21_074188 says:

Paintball Guns có mức 2.890.000đ

ActingGaming says:

Im new to paintball so ill get my first gun as a mechanical CO2 and get one of theese for backup 😛

YvesCs says:

wil jt inport in holand

3C-FD says:

What caliber is it. Oh and it isn’t basic paintball. The JT tactical and tippman are basic. This is below basic

The Fishing Whaler says:

Get a better one

John Howe says:

worst gun ever made.you can throw a paintball farther them the gun can shoot.

081108 16021976_ says:

I think we should burn trash to reduce the amount of garbage we produce to protect the environment
No, we shouldn’t do that. Burning trash will pollute the air. I think is the best way to reduce garbage is to reuse and recycle things

Jslow Studios says:

I was the 450 like!!

Skyrimax says:

Selling any electric guns?


This gun is so bad

Daymi Olano says:

that gun is good but not so good at the same time

e- man says:

Remove the shitty music

Tracy Smith says:

We’ve had the same double loading issue on three of ours.

paintballplayer31 says:

this is probably the worst gun you could buy

Hayden Punk says:

You might as well buy an imagine xD

Chronic Wizdom says:

Why the hell does a Nicki minage song start playn at 5:19 like couldn’t u have picked a WAAYY better non gay song

Keaton Tillman says:

fucking gay as hell

Retroh TV says:

this kid is trying so hard to be funny. And this is not a good beginner gun, this is for 5 year olds. get like a dpg5 or something like that if you want to start

Just Larpis says:


Brent LaRue says:

Thats a fake paintball gun pluse its plastic

Abdiel Martines says:


Isaiah Patton says:

Fill looms good lmfao it look like colored water

Ethan Palmer says:

f**I this

Matthew Aguerro says:

the song is gay

Retroh TV says:

Gayest video i have ever seen. Justin beiber music, Really?

cruz beasley says:

where did you buy it from link please

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