JT Tactical Ready To Play Paintball Gun Kit – Review

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Taylor Jenkins says:

does it fit the tacamo kit?

killarrex says:

I just got the it kit

TheLawless888 says:

Just bought my first one for a room clear scenario…have I done the right thing (Bought a few balls and gas cylinders to go with it).

Kevin Wynne says:

Does any kind of front grip fit on this marker?

Chase plays -15 says:

Is it metal or plastic and heavy or light?

Lol Gaming says:

is this marker plastic?

Jordan K.E says:

How many shots can u get out of the co2 tank

Adam B says:

What size paintballs does this take?

GZ-B-O-Y says:

Is this a good paintball gun?

ironclad gaming says:

Jt sucks i have that kit as soon as i pulled the trigger it fell off

Kasey Chambers says:

Don’t suppose there are conversion kits that would fit this model to make it mag fed, are there?

Darryn Ouk says:

Looks exactly like the Tippmann Alpha Black Elite minus the fact that its not customizable at all

rhys cooper says:

when I started I bought these 3 guns at the same time:
Spider Victor
Tippmann chronus tactical
and the JT Tactical

Mac Nunnery says:

Is it spyder threaded

David Wagner says:

Am I able to dry fire this gun, if I have a CO2 cartridge inserted in it?

Joséluííz CázarEs says:

the hopper is so fat when i put my red dot, how can i modificate my hopper or where can i get a low-profil hopper? Thanks

Green GoblinHD says:

I got this and made a sniper out of it and before you ask yes I know a lot about paintball I play for a team but anyways cuz I know a lot of people would say there’s no such thing as a paintball sniper but I mean I made it so you can just put on some First Strike rounds then I cut off the hand guard the bag then took off though shroud on the barrel got a longer Barrel put an apex thing on it look up the stock replaced it with the Tippmann 98 guard thing that they have at the end of their guns and then I just put it in a common rifle stock and then I put a riser on it and a scope and its macro line it sure is pretty good I guess I mean I can’t use a hopper on it I keep trying to find a way to make a MAG fed type thing because I know it’s pretty easy I just have to cut it off of another gun and attach it on right now I just have them using tubes if I’m using normal paintballs but I’m using first strike I have to load it one by one

Dini Zee says:

The alpha black elite seems a lot more durable then this. Looks like they sucked the design right out of it, with just a few stupid additional things, the power pack for the alpha black elite has a co2 tank that you can use over and over again.

Dubs Ray says:

Where to get this gun an what is the price thnx

C.B.B says:

is it a .68 cal?

natasha humphrey says:

Is it for kids

K S R says:

We’re to buy this gun thx

Caleb Rivera says:

how many shots can you get out of the pre filled tank

Toby Gow says:

How heavy please

Louise Gordon says:

Can you put are dot sight on this gun

natasha humphrey says:

Is it for kids

Robotbacon7288yt Yt says:

Please answer my cousin is going to give me a m16 paintball gun would it be good if I was ten and had one

axel ledezma says:

Am looking for a lightweight gun under 200$ specially for woodsball what type of gun should I buy?

Chicken_dude1 says:

My friend bought this kit it is so loud

Ethan Ton says:

Could I use a Tippmann Deluxe Remote Line and compressed air tank with this?

Joséluííz CázarEs says:

….Just for the record my gun is a Jt tactical tan.

Toby Gow says:

And how fast

Mac Nunnery says:

Can I put a 3skull 18 inch scout tactical barrel with Spyder threads on this marker with the shroud getting in the way.

3C-FD says:

Loved this! Had this gun for a few years and it’s a beast! Nice beginner gun. Kinda heavy, but if you buy a tank carrier it compensates! Got the pump pistol after this and the mobility is great with that as well. Got the Save phace mask and I want a holster for the pistol! I would look bad ass

wariorspace says:

What’s the size of the balls ?

alan vazquez says:

i can put paints in the magazine?

rigby250 says:

I bought this gun and it is amazing, just one thing. How can I get the bolt out for cleaning purposes

Project Mercy says:

Does anyone know if the JT 20 oz CO2 tank is good?

Ken Simpson says:

I would get this gun, its amazing how it is like the US Army Alpha Black P-ball marker.

Edward Atlas says:

I noticed that some hpa tanks has adjustable pressure on it and some don’t which on will be better for the jt tactical like the one in the video and will the hpa tank with adjustable cause shooting problems with the JT tactical

Edward Atlas says:

what size tank do you recommend with that good

alexgardien5 says:

Mine is a5 threaded thought…

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