New Dye DSR Paintball Marker – shooting video and review

The new Dye DSR paintball gun comes out this weekend! I took one of the new “Blackout” guns for a test drive! More here:

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keny011 says:

The new marker reminds me of the Dye Nt. But they fixed the problem the nt had with being hard on paint with not having a lpr in the marker. It’s like a new Nt

Robert Wick says:


J DAWG says:

I’m sorry but this marker is boooorrrrriing.

Mark Bridenbeck says:

If the m2 and hk shocker had a baby it would be the dsr even the milling are similar

superviral says:

Now Dye incorporates oled board for their marker.. I like it..

Ryan Earnest says:

Still have my DM3.

giovanni santana says:

First time ever, I would like to purchase a dye gun.

SSniper14 PB says:

TBH if a marker that looked like this was released by any other manufacturer I’d be fine with it, but coming from Dye, it just doesn’t look that good

Keiran W says:

From what I’ve seen, I like it. It looks nice and comfortable, has a nice sound, I love how the bolt is, the size looks good and universal, and the trigger looks pretty nice. I just think $600 would be a better price to compete more with the Etha 2. Just my opinion but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that thinks like this. Great video!

Freedy says:

Very nice gun… but 900$ is a bit out of my budget…

Christian Weir says:

21644th yay.

Isonnec says:

does it have a shot count?

SnapShooterTV says:

Just based off the two videos it seems like this marker is shorter than the new XLS?

TheNewtonKidz says:


Transformers says:

SORRY BUT DAM THAT GUN IS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Ham says:

Where can I buy the paint from and gear doesn’t have

Chandler Mosteller says:

At 7:25 you can’t help but blink and duck lol

Louis Wykes says:

For this price I could get the new xls a cs1 or a luxe ice

nick robinson says:

How does the trigger feel?

Diego Gonzalez says:

almost looks as if the CSR and Etha 2 had a baby?

Blind Fox says:

It has the Proto ping

Jeffrey Freet says:

5:20, uhh thats Mizzou pod, I’m on the team right now

In Hypnotic says:

Do a comparison vs the SP Shocker

free style says:

save your money.

Anthonygp says:

Tbh. Rather save up for the m2. I don’t like the look of it either it looks to plain for a dye gun and rather buy the xls instead of this.. I like dye but not my cup of gun. Btw you could buy a used m2 for $850 I’ve seen them and they looked perfect but the choice is yours.

nick robinson says:

John honest opinion how does it compare to the 160r?

- Veaux - says:

i have a feeling the value of this will depreciate quickly

Husker54 says:

god i with i had a marker like that. im a budget baller in its truest form xD

Al Membrano says:

Interesting. Hope it doesn’t go like the slg or nt models, but would like to try it

rezechs says:

Looks like a Victory…

estevan says:

Love the way it looks aside from the push button in the back, throws the whole thing off for me. Will probably still buy one though lol

Louis Wykes says:

For me it just doesn’t look nice, it’s relative but for 900 I want it to just look, better?

Tesla500 Gaming says:

Can you make a video explaining what each mode is and what it does because I still have no idea what PSP ramping is an NXL mode, etc.

Husker54 says:

7:30 thats scary xD

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