New Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun – Shooting Video

I got a chance to shoot the new Empire Axe 2.0 paintball gun this weekend. Will it live up to its predecessor?

Notice how I shoot the stand, aimlessly scroll through the menu options and forget to mention it is 10% lighter – about 4 oz!

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Chuck Teez says:

Why not spend a little more and get a axe pro?

juan robaina says:

Why isn’t it available in amazon yet?

gohku exe says:

shoots better than a lot of guns I’ve seen around O.o

joseph melchor says:

How do you like the evs’s???

Owen Troast says:

You guys shoot the new axe but not the luxe ice da fuk

Luis Gonzalez says:

What is the name of the goggle you use in the video?? It would also be nice that when you try a gun, goggle or anything else tell us how much you give approval from 1 to 10 (1 lowest and 10 highest) thank you!!!!!

EodEodrkxdmsCA says:

What tank were you using

Bread says:

Did you accidentally hit the camera?

Heliane Diaz says:

When he shot at the cam it gave me flash backs

Donovan Elder says:

why does this look and perform the exact same as my Mini GS? Is it even worth it?

JulianBarona says:

which one is better the etha 2 or the axe 2.0 and which one shoots faster

armando perez says:

1 of the more awkward videos ive seen. tempted to upgrade from my axe to the 2.0

STRYFE Gaming says:

How much does it cost?

Connor Knoll says:

I need that jersey in my life.

zoomzoomgt says:

holy recoil……

IWL Paintball says:

It really looks like the MiniGS

ukrainiannewb says:

is it bad that i got more excited seeing that jersey than the gun?

bcove90 says:

Original axe was my favorite marker, just picked up a 2.0 today n put a few pods through it, for the price, you can’t beat it

Connor McKay says:

Not a bad design but I think its age is showing if you compare it to a Gamma core, granted that could just be the difference between poppet and spool valves though. Personally, I’d want a smoother more consistent shot but the beauty is you can’t really go wrong either way.

KOilithya says:

I’ve been shooting my original axe for about 5-6 years, easily the best gun I’ve ever owned. I will never get rid of it unless it’s an outrageous price that I’m sure no one will pay. This gun requires little to no cleaning at all, it has never leaked or had an problems. Bad paint has caused some barrel break but there has never been a chop or anything like that. In my opinion the easiest gun out there to clean.

Outdoorwv Tv says:

Cool video everyone check us out it means alot

Code red Paintball says:

Gun look nice and did you shoot the camera

The Madman says:

Ou la la! C’est une chemise des tontons avec une machine pew pew axe, bravo Jean Dresseur!

Jared Hall says:

a paintball traveling through the air at 280 fps behaves the exact same no matter what fired it. guns differ in kick not accuracy. I hate hearing people get this wrong. so the axe 1 didn’t spin balls and this dosent either. nor does a m2 or a 98 all just as accurate.

Alias Taylor says:

Get a shocker lol or gtek 160 r this gun sucks

Jose Liera says:

Cool sound when you were far from the camera and shooting towards it. Gun looks bad ass. I can’t wait to get one.

Ali Mousab says:

wow good

ForemanJF1 says:

I talked to Empire on Facebook. They confirmed it would be the same connector for the redline, same logic… I think this means one could retrofit an old redline, or an Ape Rampage board. I could not get Empire to confirm the Ape Rampage boards (single button fire mode switch, easy on/off) via color coded LED, would be compatible. Hopefully the board size and screw for mounting the PCB is the same location? Have one on pre-order with TMG.

Gemini Seven says:

that barrel is loud its that spiral porting makes it loud

Blind Fox says:

Etha 2 for the win

ryatat says:

Great review bro. A few months have passed since you posted this. I am moving from an old Smart Parts ion (finally!!!) and I have made up my mind on getting an Axe. If you were me, would you go with the original or the 2.0? Thanks for the help.

joshua naranjo says:

I like my axe 2.0

Vinnie DiCorcia says:

I’ve never played paintball before. Damn, that trigger finger is fast!

No limit paintball team says:

The pro is better

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