New Planet Eclipse Gtek 170r Paintball Marker review and shooting video!

It is freezing cold and windy here, but I braved the elements to bring you a quick shooting video of the amazing new Planet Eclipse Gtek 170r. Sorry about the wind messing with the audio, but I can’t control the weather and didn’t want you to have to wait any longer for a shooting video of this incredible new paintball marker!

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y0st says:

I watch the shooting parts on 2x speed. Brings me back to the good ol days.

Dulliest says:

Does it feel any different than a 160r?

Bearie roblox says:

lol when you thought you had a fast trigger finger in cod, and then you see this guy

Captain Picard says:

Great video. They are going to sell so so many of these.

Van D says:

If you had to choose, Dye DSR or Gtek 170R?

Cristian Castro says:

not that these videos suck, just wish they were done better maybe a little more streamline.

Dante Mazzeo says:


Matt G says:

Has pretty much the same milling style as the cs1.5 minus the back cap

Nick a says:

You and the rest of the world have different definitions of “smooth shot”

the el man says:

which pants are those?

Broseephus says:

John I haven’t seen this confirmed or denied anywhere…. this thing has hoseless/wireless frame seperation from the body right? Like removing the frame doesn’t require disconnecting any wires?

Kelvin Fernandez says:

Anyone else notice he looks like a bird?

LiveFreeOrRIP says:

PE started with doing custom guns nothing of there own. They were Known for there Untouchable Anodizing on guns. Now all We get is dusted bland stuff. Where is the polish guns. Look at LUXE. They have AWESOME colors. And every other manufacture.

bkob jackson says:

800$ give it two years it will be at 500

its just team Gravity says:

How long before the front grip starts coming off on its own

Vance Agcaoili says:

How many pods was that?

Pinoy Zilla says:

That mask looks good!

Edit: PE guns are all the same as other guns. You have to take care of it to work. My 3.5 that i didnt touch for a year, out of the bag, it didnt work and start leaking on the noid. Reiterating the “taking care” part

Stupendousvlogs Lols says:


the el man says:

honestly, it’s basically a *_B O N E L E S S_* cs2

XxSlySlinger v1 says:

I’m coming back paintball.

PB&Jelly Paintball says:

Could I have a shoutout? Love the vids
Etha 2 is lit

Paintball Guns says:


Mitchell Busey says:

Wish i could afford one

Angel Alejandro Covarrubias Torres says:

What a amazing video!

Panda Bear says:


K.O Productions says:

How much for the setup buddy

PbNation Paintball says:

Sorry about the wind and audio! It was crazy cold and seriously windy, but I knew you guys wouldn’t want to wait!

Carl Hill says:

Can confirm sketchy indoor and brittle as glass paint.

Marioceccarelli Williebean says:

I’ve always been in love with 3.5’s due to the sleek profile, shot quality and reliability. I’ve tried the lv1’s, Cs1’s, Dm’s.. And can honestly say personally i wasn’t impressed. This looks like an excellent option for anyone that’s been waiting for another 3.5 variant.

Wane Braddy says:

Feel like the stealth is the better option still because it’s not as loud or least it seems.

SS Sec2nd says:

What is your opinion on the Vanquish Gt

Big Pee says:

They might have changed the milling and ditched the AT pipe but that thing is a cheaper cs2. In the long run I would rather just spend the $1500 on a cs2. Just my opinion.

Patrick C says:

the hopper is just as loud as the marker

RR GrApE says:

It’s sounds exactly like the 160r

NoahDBoss says:

Looks like a gtek. Shoots like a gtek. Sounds like a gtek….. MUST BE A GTEK!

theADOBOkid says:

Cs2 vs gtek170r?

Chris P says:

Is kinda loud

JOESPUD27 says:

Can barely tell you put that mask on.

Can’t wait for the M170r

Captain Picard says:

Jussie Smollett shoots a Luxe X.

Ictorvich says:

Can not wait to have mine in hands

Ohh Yeah says:

Wow….its so amazing, not.
It’s like PE can’t break away from their Etha2/CS2 look alikes, and what a major difference from the 160R, NOT.

crombie92 says:

This or a slightly used cs1 with a new i5 or spire ir?

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