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In this video Mike takes a look at the Tippmann AR1 Elite, MP2 Elite, XR1 and MP1. Although all four markers have incredible looks and Tippmann durability, it is the performance features found inside that will really make these guns stand out!

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Bazzi says:

How much do these costs?

Ash Low says:

Rip clip for tippmann aye, maybe if he stopped fongering the barrel (2.20) he might be able to concentrate.


Tippmann should make a full size magfed marker like a T15 or TGR2

Danny D Morales says:

crazy cool. tippmann has good quality guns. glad to hear they have more options.

Melissa Hanson says:

Do a shooting video

Prasse says:

Do you know the BPS on these markers?

immortaltekniq23 says:


Shane Gee says:

I have to agree those are god awful looking. The empire/BT delta elite is a far better looking marker even the non BT elite looks better.

H.Cruzz10 says:

Do you guys deliver to the US?

WeekendWarriors says:

how do these markers compare to something like the crossover or crossover xvr? looking for a gun to replace my a5 with better internals, more accuracy and lighter. these sound very similar internally to the crossover but have the looks of a milsim gun.

Liam Fargey says:

I’ve been a Tippmann fan for years, so I hate to say it, but those look awful. They’ve got a cheap “I picked this up at Walmart” look to them. Not talking the shrouds or anything, more the main body. 
They just look like there were a bunch of spare BT parts kicking around and someone just went “f*ck it” and slammed them together

ericdkillhound1 says:

Guys, we have to remember that Tippmann got bought out by G.I. milsim. There aren’t very many singular paintball companies anymore. Other than Planet Eclipse and Dye, almost everyone else is pretty much owned by Kee Action Sports. This seems to me to be what happened.

banshee107 says:

Besides the TCR and TiPX Tippmann need to get hard core into the mag fed market. Something to compete with Milsig/rap4/tiberious(FS) etc. The markers in this video would have been great 6-8 years ago.

Kevin Lupinacci says:

How do these compare to the X7 Phenom?

Luis De la cruz says:

I request a dissassembly vid!!!!!!
Need to know what operating system they are internally

Christian Anavisca says:

better off to pick up a 98 or a5 this look awfull. i rather keep my a5 many options for them also

Andrei Be says:

Hey Mike, youre a big fat fuckin vagina

Doug Schaefer says:

this is horse $h!t….Quit trying to sell us crap. we’re not going to buy this.

Ashraven PB says:

its just an ion in a milsim body. I would just get a gog g1 blackheart

Numbskull says:

I am not looking forward to these…

Mike Streams says:

Are these compatible with Co2?

Ethan Dizon says:

what they are now using apex2 barrels on tippmans

Alex Dubé Massé says:

Are you sold to Tippmann ??

Enrique Hernandez says:

thits new markers sucks looks more like toys and cheap materials more like spyder style marker tippmann its goin to low quality
tippmann needs to make more real looking markers and new styles like rpk or m1. tac50.m24.svs .

Brendan Wishart-Mundell says:

please start up a store in Saskatoon. we only have 1 shop and it sucks ass

WilliamHascallGaming says:

Mike are you homosexual?

cesar covarrubias says:

They look so cheap and awful! I Dont know what tippmann was thinking!

ronin says:

nothing new here, just a bunch of rebranding going on here.

Dizzy Miller says:

How much does it cost?? Thought the guy was gunna say it but he didn’t..

shoe tool braa says:

they look plastic to me r they supposed to be plastic

HenkeZzz says:

What is the best woodball gun for beginners and goggles do u guys think and I have a budget around 175$-200$

Jose Cabrera says:

got an ar1 elite sucks shots are all over the place.had an internal leak.most frustrating I got taken out by ft-12s

Foxtrot says:

How much ?

MackIV says:

holy shit how many M4 variances does the paintball world need….?!?!??!

oh look…yet another mp5 variant as well…awesome….

nickgandy3 says:

tippmann raided bt’s parts bin lol bloody awful things

sgtmyers88 says:

I miss the old Tippmann. Ya know back when a Tippmann marker was actually a Tippmann? Glad I am still rockin my original 98C that I got back in ’02. Love the A5’s too and I regret selling mine.

Greenballman says:

These gun the hoppers are always on the far left which sucks for me because im left handed they should make one that can switch the hoppers to the right.

Corey Lee says:

stryker or the X7 phenom? trying to decide what to buy

ThePaintballernick says:

they look like they’re made of plastic ? not sure how i feel about that

Stephen says:

They couldn’t decide if they wanted to make a Spyder or a Tippmann so they made both. Blah.

Deadshot Gaming18 says:

how much is the AR1 elite itself?

Sebastian Baez says:

So I’m thinking on buying a new marker and I don’t know what to buy. Right now I own a spyder mr5 I like it but idk I want another one of that style not speedball markers only woodsball like the tippmanns on this video. Any suggestions?

vanboschmichael says:

The cyclone feed is unique in its mechanical operation and should have been supported by this new platform.

Jason Hamelin says:

So ugly

Handsome Jack says:

The Sierra-One seems miles better than these.. holy fuck

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