Planet Eclipse CS2 Review: The Best Paintball Gun Ever?

Planet Eclipse CS2 Review: The Best Paintball Gun Ever?

Without question the hottest gun on the face of the earth is the Planet Eclipse CS2 and I have finally gotten my hands on one for a proper review. The CS2 is replacing the super popular CS1. The CS1 did draw a lot of mixed reacting out of people though, some loved it and others hated it. It was a great gun, it was just a little larger than people were used to, with the CS2 the the idea was to fix the ergonomics complaints as well as add some features from other Planet Eclipse guns.


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Reapzz Nation says:

Ice is the best gun out right now that’s why everyone is trading cs2 for ices

Theodore Martinez says:

Glad to see you finally got yours!

erik figueroa says:

would like to see a pump vs pump video. ccm vs wgp vs mvp vs phantom etc

Doug Lamont says:

I see “PMA” on your board in the background, is that meant to stand for “positive mental attitude”?

Jstevensdk7 says:

Seems like a large amount of the winning pro and semi pro teams are using Luxes. I’d like to see a pro / semi pro list of what teams are using what markers.

John Alfano says:

Nice job Brad!

Curro Official says:

Great video man, I held one yesterday and it felt awesome

Marciano Parafina says:

I think I want the best paintball marker ever.

ay y says:

dye m3s or cs2

Trumps Right hand says:

Dye makes the best guns.. sorry. PE is good but best is Dye

Devin Flocke says:

People are going to definitely hate but you can’t argue with the facts. PE makes the BEST markers, BEST parts kits, BEST customer service, and BEST warranty on the market.

Brad Beasley says:

Do a 160r review

Jason Downs says:

You can not compare a CS2 and a Etha 2 to Maclaren to a low end Ford Festiva. Both guns have virtually the same bolt system. A more accurate comparison would be a Mustang GT to a Mustang with the 6 cylinder. Yeah the GT with 460 horsepower is incredible but the 6 cylinder with 310 horsepower is more then most people will ever need.

carag001 says:

I’m #2 on the overall list at paintball revolution. I’ll have it hopefully before July 4!

joshua estrada says:

great video everone i know loves this gun and says they have too get one hope you enjoy playing with your new cs2 brad cant wait too see your shooting video of it keep up the great work

Toubee Heu says:


REAPERSMagfed says:

Brad is ruining my life….lol

Dashing Danderson says:

We knew you were a fan boy before this vid :p

MrCrankyNYC says:

CS2 does look pretty sweet. On a related PE note: I’ve been told by friends that the GTEK 160R and ETHA 2 have markedly different ergonomics. What do you think? I own an Etha 2 and like it. Visually the GTEK 160R doesn’t seem that ergonomically different.

Eric Salzmann says:

Thanks Brad, great review.

jimmy guillen says:


Juni S. says:

I have to agree with you it is the best ever made right now. Wish I had $1500 to drop. Great review!

AjaaxDubstep says:

1. empires warrantee is way better so idk how you’re even going to go there lol, especially seeing you owned a paintball store. They will literally replace anything on a marker for free 2. theres no way in hell this gun kicks less than a vanquish gt or a broken in luxe. 3. i understand you’re an insane fan to PE but this channel is way too biased toward one manufacturer lol. You want paintball to grow yet you tell everyone not to even buy other manufacturers guns, who also make high end’s that pro’s win tournaments with all the time. I’m just saying i feel you always try to ram PE down everyone throat and you shit on other manufacturers hard work yet with the right care of your marker all those will perform just as good as any pe gun. And regarding air efficiency, nothing even comes close to any field one/bob long gun, and i rarely ever see you showing them any love either. I think you have all the right intentions with this channel just sometimes it gets a bit much with all this PE praise and none to other companies. I’m not the first one who’s commented this but i’ll stop ranting now lol.


Mmmmm like a modernized Geo2 and 3… And that’s why a still play with my Group 2.1… and because I’m broke AF… LoL

86oh Paintball says:

Correction , lv1.5 is the best gun ever made

nerf bros says:

9th comment 52nd like keep rocking these vids

spankyspankworth says:

totally agree with rounded edge triggers. fastest trigger i ever had was a vp delrin trigger on a g6r with my own magnet return kit. sooooo fast. actually i’ve had 2 of them.

tek4dr says:

What happened to the M3s?

Luke Alton says:

What’s the difference between the hard face bolt and the soft face bolt?

Bryson Costello says:

I am buying a gun and having a hard time on which gun to buy. I’m deciding between 3 guns. The Luxe 2.0, Axe Pro,Etha 2. Which should I buy

Angelo Thiccy says:

6:57 YES, thank you for going back to answering comments. I have an etek 5 and I’m not interested in getting a high end gun, but I still gave you a view and a like

Noa Bo says:

Bold move Cotton. I actually dig that you made that statement, Brad. I think the CS2 is Planet Eclipse’s best gun released to date, but I’m not ready to say it’s the best gun ever made yet. Still, I value your opinion, I think you have every right to it, and I have zero qualms about. Thanks for providing good content regularly for us.

Tim Chamberlin says:

Can you really talk about a guns reliability when you have only had it for a day or 2?

KarlEller says:

I like that they’ve screwed the light pipes into the CS2’s eye covers. The Etha 2’s light pipes are just press fit in, and I’ve had mine fall out a couple of times when removing the eye covers.

Alan_1212 says:

I already have an RSX now but looking to upgrade. is the CS2 worth the price?

Jizzy Coast says:

geo 3 is the best gun ever. this ugly metal etha isnt shit

Given name family name says:

This vid screams pe fanboy

Mitchell Marentette says:

Agreed. Best Paintball gun ever.

christopher villalobos says:

I would like a better detail comparison to cs1.5 to cs2. For us that have 1.5 that are interested but want to justify the $1500 cost.

martin Escalera says:

I enjoy the gun that talks to me. It makes me happy in the snake. I consider that to be the best gun currently (the luxe ice). Cs2’s are cool too though.

Christopher Raymond says:

The God Planet Core.

WigzDominicanAce says:

#PBQT Any tips/advice specifically for women playing paintball? Going to be taking my girlfriend for the first time, other than experience don’t really know how to help her have fun and play well

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