Planet Eclipse Ego 10 Paintball Gun Review and Shooting

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A review of the Planet Eclipse Ego Ten paintball marker. We got our hands on the latest marker by the folks at Planet Eclipse. We show the Ego 5, Ego 7 and Ego 9 to compare. All of the Ego’s are made well, our original Ego 5 still works like new.

This isn’t a technical vid, since we have Gerry of PL breaking down the tech changes. This is more about the kick reduction and the milling changes, as well as some of the aesthetic changes that have been made. The milling is a bit more 3D-ish, the LCD is bigger and allows you to change the colors (red, green or blue). There is also a bleed hole the helps the gun not pressurize. The bolts are lighter too.

Overall it’s a great, well made paintball marker. Don’t take our word for it, we also let some players shoot the gun and give us their opinion on the EGO 10. They share their thoughts on the weight, shoot, kick, stream, etc. These are normal players just like you.

Here is the Gerry the Tech video on the Ego Ten:

Key Eclipse Ego Ten Features
— LCD display screen (92% larger than previous models)
— Smoother cycling, quieter firing
— Cure 3 bolt
— Zick 2 ram kit
— Decreased internal wear & tear
— Lightened LPR cap with HP air vent to protect the solenoid
— Two-piece matching barrel
— Offset, clamping vertical feed tube
— Purging on/off bottle adapter
— Anti-chop eyes
— High and low-pressure regulators
–Small Bleed Hole for excess pressure
–Thumb wheel screw
–Multi Color Display screen – Red, Blue, Green


Matt Alfa says:

did this bastard just call me fat…i will fuck his shit up!

torpstar711 says:

Why are all these guys so old? Actually on second thought, I hope I’m going to be like that at their age

spencer vreeland says:

I was thinkin about gettin one and now I think I will. The sun comes at the trees perfect in that video and the paint flying off it looks awesome!

Hubert Cumberdale says:

Wait, paintball guns have recoil? Im going paintballing soon so I dont know much about paintball guns

WeAreTheBL4D3RZ says:


Dalton Crews says:

Love the color sceam of the 07

hellaskinnyskin says:

I’m thinking of getting an ego should I get the 12 or the 11?

Robert Freiberger says:

I haven’t played in years but this is a great review. Makes me want to play again. On the subject of paintball markers and recoil. Of course these are not in the same range as firearms, but the whole point is less (even the slight amount) of recoil means you can keep the marker straighter and on target easier. Also IMHO it’s easier to shoot faster when the marker isn’t vibrating or throwing your timing off.

MultiCrazyman10 says:

the guy at 9:08 looks like hes about to steal it as he steps backwards

ScragletonPB says:

Actually there is… So what if you shoot shotguns, I do too. But there is a noticeable amount of kick in a paintball gun.

monkeybuttay says:

I live in lakeland, and my friend plays with his dm11 and his doesnt gum up

J frankinstien says:

ego 10 or 2011 g6r?

Arizona Audi Club says:

He said 010 what ReT.

Nael Ramos says:

slowing the bolt down.

LDGod says:

Nice rolex

santiago vega says:

the ego lv1 was wayyy better

durand001 says:

How can you make the ego 10 shoot a little more quiet?

Arizona Audi Club says:

OK sorry sir wont happen again.

Oswaldo Meraz says:

They go around 35 meters

Ghost Banned says:

Pfff these things are expencive as a Full gaming pc…why the fuck. ?

matticus409 says:

Markers have recoil. A Tip. 98 will have alot more recoil than a DM.duh.The recoil on the top tier markers is piratically unnoticeable. You would maybe get .25mm or less of vertical kick from a top tier marker per shot. But if you let the balls fly at 30bps, the kick adds up. And if you really think about it, a 5mm vertical til of your marker can make you miss your target by 1-2inches at 50ft. misses of 2-3 inches at 100ft and if you have played alot of paintball, an inch makes all the diff.

hellaskinnyskin says:

really?! cuz the ego CSL was the 2012 stupid noob



Cub says:

You guys are pussies, its a paintball gun if it kicks then fucking go cry about because its not that big of a deal.

AlrightAlright Alright says:

I’m not really a paintballer. Why are people complaining about kick? Ever shot a real gun?

mushroommann100 says:

ego 10 my friend. it is more efficient, accurate, and has less recoil.

pafing says:

fucken expensive guns

henkmerrits says:


Chief OGK says:

are u gay?

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