Planet Eclipse Ego LV1.5 Paintball Gun – Review

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Mojalistic says:

really like stuff, dont stop posting pls

nicholas blevins says:

i want to see the blue with orange

Ravenous Wolf says:

I just cant wait until the lv1.7, and then the lv 1.925. Finally the Lv2 will be the next great jump in technology! <.<

By MoGz says:

dang i really want an ego 🙁

Jaime Robles says:

Is this the last Ego Planet eclipse is going to release?

bob oatley says:

i love to look at guns i can’t afford it makes me happy

Viqxs says:

I’m only 13 years old but pretty much beat everyone on the field even older then me (besides the pros) although I feel since I’m young nobody gives me a chance to join a team. Is their a way you can help me find a team or make one, I don’t have much experience with teams who actually take this seriously and I feel since I’m young I won’t be accepted. I’m actually really quite good and know strategies and ways to play. Any advice ANSGear?

Ryan Leonard says:

this definitely just raised the value of the LVR cuz its just a different milled 1.1

Rian Kellytv says:

Can u guys do a reveiw on the spyder xtra beginer package

GreenDogg009 says:

You guys should do a review in these and spread the word about them

Datpbplaya 52 says:

Hey Rory can you do a review on the mad dogs pod holder (3+2)

lunatic gamerultimate says:

Do these guns come in 50 cal

Rian Kellytv says:

It comes with a hopper (loader), mask, gun , 20oz co2 tank and barrel plug

SSniper14 PB says:

Should’ve have it completely hoseless like the CSR

Troy W says:

Yes! Cheaper 1.1

paintslinger 104 says:

I want one.

Jack 13 says:

Is the dye i5 sale with extra free lens still available?

ThePer Son says:

Any Bob Long gun reviews?

Underbarrel PBcam says:

lvr is still better

Jack PB_525 says:

My mini GS turns off when I pull the trigger is this normalhow can I fix it

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