Planet Eclipse Emek Review: Best Paintball Gun Under $250?

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I’ve had this thing for a while, not like month a while, and we are finally going to talk about it.

The EMek, the Emek is Planet Eclipse entry level/field level paintball marker. It has the ever so popular Gamma Core and is designed for new players and fields. Based off the Etha 2 the maker reliable, durable, efficient and the shoot quality is steller.

What makes the Planet Eclipse Emek so great is that Gamma Core, the same bolt system that is in the Etha 2, Gtek and Gtek 160R. It is just bulletproof, they just keep on ticking, it low pressure, smooth and shoots great.

The trigger is the biggest change though without a question, I really like the trigger. The trigger is not supposed to be as nice as Planet Eclipse higher-end mech the GMek, but I find that the hinge style trigger is much easier to pull. The EMek is easier to shoot fast, but the GMek frame and trigger does feel more premium.

I love the Emek, and I do think it is the best paintball gun under $250.

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tomrfish says:

OSG in NH has them. Was there for a bachelor party and the guys who rented loved em.

Kevin Williams says:

Mini GS or Emek with the lurker barrel from the video?

Mike Frederiksen says:

is there going to be a live feed tonight ?

Aidan Patterson says:

Looks nice for a entry level gun. Will the Etha 2 ship stock with the emek body already on it? Or does it ship with it just on the side?

Tony says:

Can you compare the emek to the dangerous power e2?

Nick Woodman says:


Dulliest says:

$200!?! Dammit where was this when I started paintball!

ben wachholz says:

I dont understand why people don’t just buy a used axe for 220-250

KarlEller says:

I’m definitely going to pick one of these up, we’re starting to see more 10-man mech events down here, and I’d love a cheap, reliable, comfortable mech gun. Plus I can parts swap with my Etha 2 😛

Mike W says:

What’s the EMeks operating pressure?

maxxon99 says:

Even though I already splurged on the GMEK, I’m glad to see this. Rental players deserve a better gun, they’ll enjoy the game more and are more likely to come back. Plus the lighter gun is also better for younger players.

But to be honest, I think Etha2 already was an attempt to get into rental markets but I guess that didn’t pan out so well.

The Mexican italian says:

I feel like this makes the a5 useless the emek is 10 times better and its only 20 dollars more What y’all think?

Lufbery17 says:

Can you do a video comparing the planet eclipse guns across the range to each other showing the internals, upgrades, and performance. i.e. emek vs etha 2 vs gr-160 vs cs2, it could also be a good series for other company’s too.

Robbie Free says:

Azodin Kd II vs Emek? What is your opinion?

Vy Vu says:

Do you know if they will offer the on/off asa as a stand alone? Only downside for me now is that

omarlee says:

I play pump, so I’m getting This for my girlfriend that started playing with me

ArtfulEntity says:

MFW I just bought an etha 2 a few days ago. No regrets tho!

Jack Zubyk says:

Does it have the same air efficiency as the Etha 2? I’m assuming so since they share the same core.

alekspaint says:

What about GOG Enmey Pro for the same money?

erik jimenez says:

Can you do an etha 2 vs emek video? I’m looking to get into paintball as a rec player and I really like the etha 2 but the emek is 150 cheaper. With that money I can buy a barrel kit to improve accuracy. As a rec player do I really need the things the etha 2 provides that the emek doesn’t?

Chris Kish says:

This is definitely the ultimate backup marker.


I think this marker is pretty nice at it’s price point, and maybe a solid pickup for people already invested in paintball, but want a mechanical marker. However, I don’t think new players should bother picking it up when the Mini GS, Axe 2, and Etha 2 are right above the price point, and offer much more options.

Instead, I see this as the next field rental gun, and I think it would fit nicely there. Actually I see it as part of the “upgrade package” for field rentals. Like $20 for a Tippmann rental, or $25 for an Emek. It would get the field a bit more money. That’s where I think its niche is.

Chris Coca says:

My field has them as rentals. Good mech guns.

Brett Busbee says:

Give a review on the internals of the emek.

Supreme NY says:

Where do you buy your supreme from?

Luke Sowinski says:

Gog enmey????? Where’s that on the list it’s great!

hufra_gamer Warrior_Cat says:


Ashraven PB says:

Emek body reminds me of the ion xe body

Daniel Zamarripa69 says:

Is it Co2 compatible

Donovan Newton says:

I’d love to see the valve in the system.

Jason Downs says:

I can’t wait to get one. I hope that Planet Eclipse sells so many they they make a mechanical stacked tube poppet like a ego.

Ashraven PB says:

Sand down the emek trigger and jb weld an aluminum trigger shoe onto it. Trigger feels much nicer when shooting

Roar XD 117 says:

The dye m2 is the new mid king? It’s only 700 now

T Cuv says:

My local field (OSG Paintball, NH) has upgraded their entire rental fleet to these guns and they are great!! They shoot awesome and everybody that ive talked to, loves them. You actually can shoot them pretty damn fast too, if you’ve got any kind of force feed loader, boom, you can compete with anybody.

Zack Boughter says:

Do you think Planet Eclipse will come out with a “Pro” version like GOG did with the enmey?

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