Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review by Hustle Paintball

Etek5 –
Decay LV1 –—Decay

The Planet Eclipse Etek5 is here! It had a somewhat soft (and confusing) release but it’s finally available for purchase! Have you been holding out on your upgrade? Are you looking to move up in the world of paintball markers? This might be the gun for you…!

LV1 Review


Song Credit(s)

Music provided by Zircon
• Fabrication (Instrumental)
• Rain Node
• Just Hold On (Instrumental)

• Frozen (Celldweller vs Blue Stahli)
• Isolated Mind by A Himitsu


Justin case says:

damn. do you guys use the money from this channel to buy all your markers?

Cory Thomas says:

it’s no much louder than the lv1 it just sounds abit clackeyer

Mathew Abello says:

which is better the etek 5 or the gtek

HiPhiFilms says:

Just gonna say, the vast majority of this was shot by me. The editing was done by by Russel, the man of class.

Jacob Merschman says:

is this a good trade? my geo 3 for an etek 5 the guy will add 200$?

MarkOPSwimmer notHD says:

If you guys don’t mind me asking but when you sell your ETEK5’s, do they have the F-Stamp on them for us Germans? If so where is it located on the gun?


Jared Burgos says:

What hoppers do you recommend for this one?

chillstep4life says:

I miss hustle paintball. ='(

Donut Films says:

Etek 5 or geo 2.1

DKG Paintball says:

Just got my Etek 5 on Thursday. I’ll be playing my first game with it Saturday, and I’ve been told it will take about 5-6 cases to break it in. Can anyone confirm this?[

Mathew Abello says:

Is the etha any good

Eyes Wide Open Films says:

Which should I get? An Etek5 or an Axe or a Getek.

EQUUS PB says:

Can you just make like a 15 sec video to know you guys are still alive!! No but really because I see you guys reply but just need reassurance

Maxwell Endres says:

What gun is better, the Eteck 5 or the Planet Eclipse Etha?

daniel monarrez says:

Etha or etek 5?

machine9un kill says:

Can i shoot 4 star out of this?

Tyler Wheeler says:

Gtek review coming soon ?!? Maybe ? Russell… Anyone ??

TrueHero060 says:

I’m new to paintball so what 50 caliber gun should I get

Kill_or b killed 83 says:

Could u buy the oled screen by its self or do u have to have the oled and take screen outta it and put it on the etek 5? Can someone plz answer

Bigboybrian says:

Send me your lv1

TheExit8 says:

What’s ur thoughts on buying a new etek 5 or lv1 used like new condition only 7000 shots counts for 700$? I really like how etek and lv1 design. Thanks in advance.

Monstrex says:

Hey if you can’t stand the grip of the LV1 send it over to me lol


can I have your lv1 🙂

Sam Robert says:

Hey guys! Should I keep my Etek5 or switch to a Shocker RSX? Is it worth switching over?

danny nguyen says:

what is better?? Eclipse Gtek or Eclipse Etek5??

free style says:

is there a way to get rid of the macro line?

Breno Krug says:

Etek 5 or Proto Reflex 2015?

emilio molina says:

you having fun spraying like a psycho at the start of the video? xD

Bear The Terminator says:

what is the other best mid range marker

Oscar Duran says:

Your videos are catchy

KaizerRolls says:

How durable is the Etek 5? I’m not expecting Tippmann level indestructibility, and I know that no electronic marker is going to last if you don’t maintain it properly. I just want to be able to use this for woodsball on top of using it for speedball, where it might get mud and dirt and banged up. Would getting the EMC kit for it be a good idea in terms of protection? I’ve had a bunch of bad experiences with electronic markers, so I’m trying to get one that’ll last.

MarkOPSwimmer notHD says:

Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions or recommendations on whether the Etek 5 is better or worse than the MacDev Drone 2? Or for that $500-$600 price range, can anyone give like a rank of the top 5 markers? I just want to know if this is really the best for the price or if there are others for the same price that are superior in performance. If possible could you guys also mention why you think this or another gun is superior.

Last thing, is the macro line on this gun a dead turn off? Like would that make this a bad package or a bad gun due to that? Does it even matter whether a gun has or doesn’t have a macro line?


Patrick s says:

What about this vs the drone 2.

Holzer says:

Ego 11 or etek 5? What should I get?

Stephan says:

I love my ETEK5 <3

AirsoftGhillie says:

This or the Drone 2, despite the Spool vs Poppit or whatever.

BlackhartXD says:

Ego 11 or etek5?

soundgraffiti6464 says:

I got my etek 5 today, and I have to say this shit is AMAZING. Only thing I don’t like is the plastic feed neck. But man the way it shoots and fits in my hand is damn good. Orgasmic to say the least.

Patrick C says:

what’s with the etek taking a bath? It was a great shot but damn

frankthespank says:

That red head chick is pretty h… oh wait.

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