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The highly anticipated review of the Planet Eclipse Etha is here. This is a killer gun at a very low price point, competing w/ the Tippmann Crossover, Empire Axe, and Proto Reflex Rail. Also included are some highly gorgeous shots of this good-looking gun from Planet Eclipse, so make sure you’re ready for this.

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JayCRAW says:

This vs gog extcy

Gizmo TLR says:

About to get my 1st gun. I cant decide between the Etha or the Empire Axe. Any thoughts?

Jacob Schulte says:

So if I have a 4500 tank and am able to fill it up every 1-2 games, will the air factor be an issue?

Alexander Estk says:

Could I get a hopper +3 pods on a 48/3000 tank?


what is the best air tank for etha?

Philip Coe says:

Hey hustle this or the drone DX?

ibethe goon says:

what ever you do dont order from hustle paintball. i ordered and it took them 5 days to email me to tell me that they didnt have it in stock . now i have to wait for my refund to go somewhere else. huge waste of time. never again

Ethan Reab says:

Getting a new gun soon, going back between the Valken Proton and the Etha. Is the Etha worth the extra money?

Tyler Michael says:

Should I get an etha or save for a etek 5?

Maximo Arguelles says:

hey im a beginner paintball player and i’m deciding between this or the 2014 mini gs also would like to know if a halo too hopper would be ok for both of these

WeekendWarriors says:

anyone compare this to the crossover? looking to replace my a5 for woodsball play and Im pretty aggressive so looking for a speedball style gun. I really like the mech mode option on the crossover though

kevin gomrz says:

is the dangerous power g5 a better marker than the etha 

Kye thecrazycatman says:


Apex Plays says:

I’m stuck between the etha and the azodin blitz 3 which to you recommend?

Eyes Wide Open Films says:

Etha or mini gs or Valken proton or proto rail maxxed

Tyler Nadeau says:

i just orderd a freak barrel kit for my etha..was the necessary?  the field i play at is field paint only and it can just go down with a lot of room so i got it to make it more snug.any input?

chasesf1 says:

Hmm kind of like a AGD mag with a foamy bolt

BIOHAZARD-42 says:

 just bought one and I was wondering if u still have to take it apart after playing in my yard and its not covered in paint if someone could help me that would be great thanks.

Vanessa Sanchez says:

Hey guys, just wondering which marker you guys would recommend the planet eclipse etha or the etek 4?

flamezor123 says:

Hustle crew, should i get the planet eclipse etha, empire invert mini gs, or pmr maxxed?

cory lopez says:

Etha, Axe, xvr which one?

Jean Coetsee says:

Should I rather get a etek 3 or the etha

Watch Me says:

Hey I need help I have a Etha planet eclipse
It turns on and everything it shows that it can a paintball in the breach but when I shoot air does not shoot the ball
Also there is no leaks

Salinas_Bani says:

I am a starter in paintball. When I was at my local paintball field there was a pro shop. I saw the etha so i told an employee if i can hold it, it was a little big in my hand but it is perfect for me. I was very impressed because how light weight it was. I could even carry it with one pinkie lol. I was also impressed because of the price it was just $350 U.S Dollars.

Joseph I says:

What marker would you guys recommend for woodsball? Etha with the EMC mounting kit or the GOG G1? With price in consideration as well. Thanks!

MP5Ks says:

hey hustle paintball im looking to get a good speedball gun for less then 400 i dont like the etha that much i was looking at the dangerous power g5 it looks like a sweet marker and the trigger looks awesome

JJ ZZZ says:

Is the green version of this gun like an olive drab shade or more of a regular green? because on your guy’s website, it seems like it is olive drab color.

Hustle Paintball says:

Etha! They’re easy to use and take care of, plus they’re fairly reliable AND backed by Planet, which is well known for taking care of it’s players. Plus I have one, so that makes them super cool. However, if you’d be willing to pay the extra money for the Drone, at that point I would just save the extra $70 or so and get an Etek 4 :). – Alana

Ryan McKenna says:

Hey hustle i have used my etha about 8 or 9 times and one problem has arisen after my last couple of uses… i did buy it used if that has anything to do with it and surprisingly it was in very good condition but ive found that where the line meets the reg the bond rotates and it doesnt stay in place and i was wondering what was happening… basically anything will help thanks

MARROTTA006 says:

Is that tank that you have on the gun at the end a 90/4500? 

Paintballer 45 Xd says:

Should I get a mini gs or a Etha if you answer I will subscribe to you

Elijah Roseberry says:

Is that Mclovin?

Cameron Longhurst says:

Picking mine up tonight!

Andrew Pina says:

What should I get? Empire mini gs or planet eclipse etha? I have no idea and want to see the extra 30$ on the mini gs is really worth it.

avalanche1220 says:

Sorry to be the millionth person to ask this but I’m looking to upgrade from an old gen mini, play a mix of speed and woods ball. Looking at the etna but am i better off spend the extra $80 and going with an etek 4? 

Erick says:

Which gun is better for woodsball the etha or the gog g1

Braden Brown says:

Are freak inserts usable with the stock barrel?…what size insert should I get?

Larson3344 says:

Other than Planet’s service and what comes with the gun, I personally prefer the Valken Proton. Proton has better trigger and grips, and I think it shoot SO much smoother. And it is more efficient. Not talking anything about the manual, tools, or Planet’s service, just gun performance.

Temper says:

Im probably picking an Etha after seeing this review just wondering what’s a good hopper that’s not too expensive? Also would a TIPPMANN BASICS 48CI 3K 800PSI ALUMINUM be a good air system?

barrel tag paintball says:

the etha sucks ass. when you shoot it vibrates like a dildo lol

clarent says:

For my second gun I thinking of getting the Etha or the Etek but I have a budget

David Reyes says:

Should I get an empire axe or the etha?

CrimSix 07 says:

Would u recommend using a 50/4500 Ninja tank on the Etha, I am planning on getting one and I don’t know if my 50/4500 is too small to use on the etha

stephen richardson says:

I have a quick question, should i get this or a 2012 reflex rail(used)?

Filip Sandberg says:

I’m thinking of changing from my bravo one tac to this marker, i like woodsball and smaller park play. And tournament games sometimes aswell. Is it a good idea?

kenneth mowery says:

I have been playing paintball for 3 years and I have a spyder shutter java edition but I would like to upgrade to an etha, problem is I don’t have that kind of money, is there an alternative you would recommend for around $200 and $250? 

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