Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Review By Hustle Paintball

Geo 3.5 –
IV Core –

All the hype, all the rumors, now you can see for yourself what the New Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 is really about.

World Cup Footage provided by Dan Napoli. Thanks again!

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MorbidNemesis50 says:

How much would this cost?

Rage Gaming says:

Cool video bro congrats on new marker!

Paxton Williams says:

If I could have any marker in the whole world this would be it. Sadly the only way for me to get one is to sacrifice college.

fairfaxsurfshoprider says:

I love white people. Vapes, fast food, and paintball.

SnapShooterTV says:

Oh man how I could go for a hustle review on the dye M2

Tim neis says:

awesome review guys! wish the voice audio was better tho 

LiveFreeOrRIP says:

Consider this. When you play paintball is it the gun or the player? If you honestly think this gun will make you better then say a guy with a Geo 2 or an ego 11 you are Very mistaken. This is a great gun im sure but since around 2004 the high end guns shoot amazing..You can pick up older guns on ebay for 1/4th of the cost and spend the extra on Going and Playing paintball witch will make you better then just having a 1500 gun…Who really cares about how efficient your gun is when its all day air..And how much paint do you shoot in a game really 400 600 rounds? Im unaware of a gun with less then say 800 shots on a good fill not 4500 say 3800 like he says… Even my Old gas hog DM4 got around 900 1000 shots on a 68 4000 fill. So unless you have just money all over the place I just dont see the point in laying out 1500 for this when you can get A few year old High quality guns for 300 400.

James Heilman says:

Hey +Hustle Paintball
About 3 years has passed since the release of the ETHA. Would you predict that now P.E. has released new products such as the lv1, geo 3.5, and now with the very recent release of the Etek5, would P.E. release an updated version of the etha?

To add on to the discussion what would you like to see improved on the etha if it were to be re released?

econ5catcat says:

do a ego 11 maintinence video

Alias Taylor says:

That lame circus music ruined the whole video

Aiden French says:

“Protect your investement” Why though? Like its only if your a pro player.

Cory Thomas says:

am i the only one that thinks the backcap looks like the one on the luxe

Hotroddj17 says:

hey guys i got a lv1 that is broken in and tuned i compared to a cs1 and its quieter and smoother i want to know will a luxe 2.0 oled be smoother and quieter than a luxe or a 3.5

PekinPB Films says:

Hey Hustle!! Great review.. Could you review the Cyborg 6 next? I want to know why the hell people keep selling them!! The design behind them seems genius.. 

Roberto riesco says:

Go to extreme rage paintball park fl 4500 every time

Tadeo Sardella says:

the geo 3.5 come with the new bolt???? 

Christian Kuan says:

This or lv1.1? Just asking for preferences and why

aaron evancavich says:

Just got this marker. I do like it a lot. However its loud compared to what I’m used to. i was very surprised especially since its supposedly quieter than other Geos. I been shooting a Bob Long Ripper VIS with Spool engine. And before that a luxe. But sound quality is not that big of a deal, i was just surprised. I can’t wait to use it on the field.

flamerun10 says:

im actually getting one of these soon, and i cannot wait. ive been waiting for nearly 4 months now and the time is nearly here. Also, great video

Michael Chedid says:

What paintballs does the gun take. Could it be the jt splat master orange shell yellow paint insidw

BigWooly123 says:

I’m torn between the Geo 3.5, Vanquish and Luxe 2.0.. When you guys gonna throw up a review of the Vanquish so I can get something ordered!

David Anderson says:

what is better geo 3.5 0r lv1 whats smoother more efficient easier to maintain etc?

AirsoftGhillie says:

imagine what this gun will be like in 2030

Hugh Walsh says:

did anyone notice the unhappy face on the building at 6:31 (top centre)

Chance G says:

Axe or mini gs

slingin' steel says:

what happen wit vids yo

David Rodriguez says:

Wow all that talk waiting for the shooting part and you guys blast fucking music on it can’t here the sound signature …great !

punisher 2000 says:

What’s better geo or lv1

Hudson koerth says:

Do y’all have those pbrack flow pants in a small and in tan in stock because I’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair.

Paxton Williams says:

Alright thanks, I’ll check it out.

Ruckus PB says:

in the gameplay sequence what headwraps are those you guys are wearing? like brown tank guy’s (eric?) and Russell’s

BossMan k says:


Paxton Williams says:

I’ve played airsoft for a while but want to transfer to paintball. I don’t have a lot of money but I want a decent marker and setup. What are your recommendations?

C00lBeanz says:

I would like to see who has the best accuracy.. i have a feeling it would be Eric but it would be interesting to see in a video!

Jonnygreenjeans says:

I’ve found that lately your guys sound has been very low even with my laptop sound maxed out and yet other videos I watch from other people sound fine and I don’t need to turn up my speakers…

Eclipse Freak says:

little late on the review but i just ordered my geo today!! i cant wait!!! Ollie Lang special edition!!!:D!!

AirsoftGhillie says:

Axe plus cash ?

Purple Is Not a Flavor says:

Where did the first guy (I’m sorry that I don’t know his name) get his “Podka” shirt? that thing is amazing.

RedSkinPB says:

I am stumped on this or the lv1….. shot both, played with both and really don’t know what to buy cause they are both amazing!! might have to buy both lol

nick says:

Geo 3.5 or Ego LV1?

Yukmout B says:

is there such thing as a current made marker ? all I see is videos from 3-4 years ago but every time I goto a shop its packed so pb cant be dying on me.

Sebastian Szczepek says:

should i get a geo 3.5 or lv1 for my graduation gift i all ready have a ego 11

Mcwilliams Howell says:

Lol as soon as it came out i got one

Ken Cheng says:

would have been nice to hear the shooting/sound signature instead of the music

Cardinal10 says:

you guys are very lucky to get 3.8k fills over there coming from the UK the frustration of just about getting 3k fills pretty much accross the country apart from the really huge events is really frustrating.

ps you guys are awesome 🙂

etek game play says:

Chromed showing me up on the breakouts

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