Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R Paintball Gun – Review

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My Insta says:

How many shims should I have in my tank reg for a gtek 160r

Luke N. says:

What colors does it come in?

Gaming Ostrich says:

which would you guys recommend the 160r or the regular gtek

Rob Phifer says:

For people asking between the 160r and the RSX. I’ve owned both a Gtek and the Shocker RSX. My thoughts:

RSX Pros: 5 ounces lighter. Factory Freak barrel. Better detents. True macroless design.

Gtek 160r Pros: More reliable. (Particularly in colder weather) More efficient. Gentler on paint. Marker degases fully when ASA is unscrewed. Rubber foregrip. Less barrel rise. (Partly due to better engine design, partly due to heavier marker)

I think both visually look great. I personally prefer the 160r. (I’m tall and like the more stretched out design of the 160R) People with small hands may prefer the shocker as it has smaller grips.


does de 170r trigger fit the first gtek?

Forbeszy's Gaming & Paintball says:

I’m now looking into getting one or waiting till they get one that uses two AA batteries.

My Insta says:

Are the regulators the same ?

Joe L says:

Best tank reg intake? 450-550 or 850?

Andy Hart says:

Wow if I was still a speed baller I would pick this gun up

badcafe2011 says:

which one between this one and  a empire axe pro?

THERCGUY3134 says:

Never order from him. My package still hasn’t came and it’s been 3 weeks

My Insta says:

I have a gtek 160r and I’m just wondering how many shims should I have in my 68/4500 SL/ with a pro V2 reg ?

FuturisticGaming6182 says:


fuck google + says:

my biggest problem with the cs1 is the fat grip frame. I was looking do get a 3.5 as a back up (maybe primary). gtekr or 3.5?

dFuz3d x says:

For the price point, Shocker beats it. Better board and freak ready barrel.

burgerkillsyou says:

gtek 160r vs. shocker rsx?

My Insta says:

Can u plz rate my set up gtek 160r, ninja 68/4500 so pro v2, spire 3

maxxon99 says:

Everything you’d want… except POPS as standard.

I really don’t get why they didn’t just put it there.

Doc Holliday says:

Is there anyway to do a color swap between the acid washes?

Paintball Noob says:

Might as well get a used Geo 3.1 or Shocker RSX for that price…

Marcos Mendoza says:

would you reccomend it rory?

Justin Carst says:

…Gtek 3.5?

Iced T says:

I’ve recently decided to get into paint-balling but I have no idea about anything really. I’ve been looking on your site and watching your informative YouTube videos but I know nothing of regulators, tanks, tank pressures, how to adjust them. I’ve decided on the Gtek 160R for a marker and I’ve heard great things about ninja tanks so I’ve decided I’ll probably go with a 68/4500 but I’m not sure what regulator to go with as to ensure optimum performance. If you could help me out I’d really appreciate it and it would only speed my order up on your website. Thanks again for your time!

Bike Life Motovlogs says:

I would’ve liked to see a pops asa on the Gtek 160R. Small complaint but would of been a nice touch. Also ANS i can’t check out my order on your site and i can’t figure out why. I tried to check out and it wouldn’t let me complete my order. Any idea why i can’t finish the checkout process? I have a lot of stuff i need to purchase and i can’t…

My Insta says:

Is the gtek 160r autococker

christian julian says:

I just bought a gtek not to long ago…

M F says:

Will they ever make one without the AT ?

Chuckles theklr says:

Can you do payments for this gun.??

Jonjon Kerry says:

Gtek 160R or shocker rsx

My Insta says:

When should we maintenance our tank and are marker

re990 says:

Can you use freak inserts with the barrel?

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