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Unboxing, review, and efficiency test of the NEW Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R paintball gun. The 160R takes the GTEK and pushes into the realms of a true high-end. It boasts all-metal billet-machined construction, on-board OLED graphical user interface, hose-less construction utilizing the proven AT Pipe system from the LV1.1 and the Geo3.5, stretched-out stance for an ultra-stable shooting platform with wraparound rubber fore and aft grips for comfort and control. It’s everything you need to be competitive at any level, in any format, anywhere on the planet.

The beating heart of the GTEK 160R is the Gamma Core. A revolutionary new spool valve design using Breech Sensing Technology and a unique pneumatically latching spool to accurately control the exact amount of air released for each shot completely independently of the solenoid and the dwell time. This makes it highly efficient without the need for any electronic adjustment or tuning as well as making it supremely reliable in playing conditions ranging from -20f to +100f. In order to be able to shoot the most fragile paint possible, the Gamma Core employs a very finely controlled 3-stage bolt acceleration profile to gently pick up the ball and push it into the barrel. The gas release for the firing pulse is also carefully tailored to maintain low peak pressure behind the ball which gives the GTEK 160R its distinctively quiet shot and smooth feel.

The GTEK 160R is constructed from 100% billet machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminium. With a metal feedtube and frame almost all flex has been removed from the GTEK. And the stretched pitch of the foregrip and frame make it a super stable platform that feels incredibly natural in the hands with plenty of room between the foregrip and trigger guard. The Gamma Core ensures that the GTEK 160R exhibits virtually no recoil or barrel rise during firing giving it a true high-end feel. This has been achieved whilst still maintaining a lightweight form that comes in at a mere 2.05lb (934g) including the 14.5″ Shaft4/5 compatible barrel and 9V battery.


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Popojijo's paintball says:

If anyone wants too see the Gtek 160r in some speedball game play check out my Chanel!!!

Brother Floris says:

Who is going to be the earth men’s captain at the alien invasion game

dFuz3d x says:

Let me preface this by saying that this is just my opinion. I don’t attack other people for opinion differences and neither should you. Now for my opinion: So I could buy this gun for $800, or I could buy a Shocker RSX for $800 (or a barely used one for $525-$600). I’m sorry, but I see more value in the Shocker. The upsides for the Gtek are just to small for me. Sure, you get the all metal accents, the A.T. pipe, and the OLED. All the PE mid-range markers needed was the OLED out of the box (personal opinion). They honestly wasted their time with this gun. The board in the Gtek and Etek 5 (which I own) is not the best board on the market by far. If they were going to make a gun in this price range, they should’ve focused on making a better board and maybe included an FR barrel back (honestly, I don’t see how PE can justify not putting the FR back in the box with the CS1). I’m a big PE fan, and I’m saying this. I mean, why would they do this? Same board, a little different milling, A.T. pipe, and a newly designed OOPS asa? They have to have a shit-ton of POPS lying around. Why put so much into a redesign of a gun that came out a year ago? All I’m saying is if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. If they were wanting to make something to compete with the Shocker (and we all know that is what this is), they should’ve just waited to release the Gtek now with all of these new cosmetic changes. PE fans have been crying for an affordable spool for years. What is one more year? And if I really wanted the best gun for my buck, I could go to a BST right now and find a Geo 3.5 for less than $800, and it might have an FR back with it. I’m not mad at all guys, I’m more confused than anything. This gun is probably great, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe my opinion is wrong, or maybe it is right. Either way, I’ve typed my piece and I can rest easy now. Lone Wolf Paintball, am I overreacting or am I making sense?

Skyrimax says:

dang you guys make me want to buy all the guns my god but there is 1 factor I’m broke lol

Toxic_SWB says:

1st one here

Jadentheperson says:

Yo Paulie your pods are upside down



Too Tall Does All says:

Gotta love the train comin thru.. lol

Cameron Cook says:

Can you do a video of the tipppmann a5

Skyrimax says:

And can you do some more shoot it or eat it videos please

Fn_ New_Guy says:

I want one lol

Silly Billy 59 says:

Is there how to program video for the Gtek 160r ?

Elijah Williams says:

what hooper are you using

John Anderson says:

Gtek 160R vs. SP Shocker RSX

NoahDBoss says:

Can i have it? Ill make u a great deal. Ill trade an Azodin kaos(my backup)for that 160r! Great deal!!!

GOod Bye says:

Were the little stutters the gun? Or was that you/the hopper?

abel N says:

for that price point that just might be my back up gun to my csr … hope i can shoot one soon but its planet eclipse so im sure it shoots amazing

Rennan Gois says:

The two gun with the same price which is the best. Dye DM 15 X Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R?

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