Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun – Review

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nathan clark says:

Does anyone/ @ansgear know if planet eclipse is planing in dropping different color ways of the gtek. If so does anyone know of a timeline when?


So it doesn’t come with a board? So basically you can’t use the gun unless you have a board?

big bob says:

Do these come with the warranty card like the Etha 2?.. do they have a lifetime warranty?

cucumber games says:

Gonna get the T-800 gtek from you guys

SkinzFan88 says:

What do you think about the dust pink gtek?

Boop! says:

I ordered my package last Saturday when will it come? I live in Regina Saskatchewan

Michel Sessim says:

gtek or dm13 ? does the gtek shoots better than the dm13?

bkob jackson says:

Roy can you fix my gtek trigger???? I need you to make it feel better feels like a turd work your magic work it!!!! is anyone had any successful goes with fixing the trigger??

Nimbus Paintball says:

is the oled upgrade the same as the etek or is it gonna be diffrent?

Trevor Brown says:

Is the Ego 11 worth the money or should I look into other markers? (Something like the Etek, or a Geo) I’d really prefer to stay with PL, had a Mini and I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Jacob Gafford says:

any idea as to when Eclipse is going to release the EMC kits for the LV1 and etek 5? I’ve been waiting forever

Tk_Superman10 says:

what do you think is better a dm14 or a gtek?

ActingGaming says:


Logan Lee says:

Hey I got he spyder Fenix that you recommended for me but now I want something better is the dangerous power E1 better or should I stay with the spyder Fenix

James Heilman says:

fkn eh! I’ve been waiting for the etha upgrade!

DJ Ship says:

Is this a good setup? If not what should I change .Gun – Azodin Blitz Evo Paintball Gun – Black/Red

Mask – JT ProFlex Thermal Paintball Mask

Hopper – Empire Halo TOO Electronic paintball Loader

Air Tank – Ninja Compressed Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator – 48/3000

Boop! says:

I ordered my package last Saturday when will it come? I love in Regina Saskatchewan Canada

Jarrett Griesemer says:

this or etek 5 which do you think is better

Zach Zesch says:

Should I get the Gtek or Axe Pro ?

Urstin says:

There was the LV1, then came the Etek 5 with composite parts and a larger expansion chamber and unibody forgrip. Then came the LV1.1 with a larger expansion chamber and a unibody forgrip. Now comes the “Gtek” with its new Gamma core. Maybe a Geo 4.0 with a Gamma core in the future?

RoomierLight says:

Is 800 psi good for the gtek?

Johnny Isaacs says:

Does this gun come with the OLED screen already installed? Or do you need to purchase the screen and install it yourself?

Gabe Sutherland says:

this gun is very good, i went to S.T.A.R.S cup at cousins paintball and they had them there, it shot awesome and felt amazing, hope you guys like them

Nuke says:

better than the axe?

Envy says:

can you guys do a video going through settings in the oled board, similar to what you guys did on the dye m2 review

cucumber games says:

I’m upgrading from my dye rize to this for Christmas

Bryan M says:

I order this yesterday and I was wondering when will it be shipping out? Thank you.

Jarrett Griesemer says:


Nick G says:

What’s better an ego11 or an empire axe or a used planet eclipse Lv1

Miller Murdaugh says:

Do you think you can do the macdev drone 2

Miller Murdaugh says:

Should I get the macdev drone 2 the planet eclipse etek 5 or the etha

Zach Silman says:

3rd comment

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