Project Salvo paintball gun Review and Firing test

Today I am reviewing the Tippman US Army Project Salvo paintball gun and preforming a firing test of the gun.
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ur mom says:

This video is good and all but he says “uuuhhh” slot

IronLordSaint14 says:

this Marker is a bit on the heavy side but it’s manageable. I Recommend an electronic hopper for it and a fore grip. I love mine. I use a longer barrel, I up graded from the 10in on it to a 16. better range but a little less precise. some Maks make it hard to see down a sight, better if the stock is off or folded. I put a laser on the side and love it. you can get one like $20 usd. I ran through 10 games in a row, no breaks in barrel. do keep it oiled up or the metal fire pin gets a bit rusty from what I’ve seen because I have not played in awhile.

Toki Wartooth says:

i’m new to all of this and i wanted to go paintballing and stuff so i decided to watch some videos and i notices the the thing that holds the paint balls is on the top of the gun (kinda) and i was wondering if it would get in the way of aiming.

Nikhaar Chetty says:

Whose watching in 2017

TJ Sausto says:

Is it possible to use compressed air with this gun

Eidan Medina says:

4:39 the way he said okay tho

Rico Ramirez says:

I’m curious. can I use this handguard rail on a real ar 15?

SharpTheDemon says:

Nice vid fam. 🙂

Dennis Rostov says:

can the firing with the stock i want to know if its comfy for my hand to fit

coolbro29978 says:

What stock and scope and the hopper are u using and plus the pressure tank

Felix Lopez says:

what kind of grip is that ?


1:30 when he talks about the hopper this guy said “or the red dot” wich made the vid a bit unleggit

Jovanii Hernandez says:

should I get better tank

TheseThomas says:

do they have an website where i can buy it??

Bianca Manriquez says:

is the gun full metal

Noah Strickland says:

how’s the sight supposed to work

ali alshra says:

this is gams not gun

Manlio Benavides says:

hey bro I have a question can you change the mag for another one ?

Henry Horne says:

can I use air?

Jared Walker says:

Great video. Just a little contructive criticism that’s not rude like the previous people, try to limit your “Umms” and “Uhs”. Besides that, great video, and Jew up the good work.

DoGrZ says:

Wait so. What kind of co2 tank do you use with this gun?

that_ zombie_monkey says:

nice video tutorial man I’m going to be buying the same gun soon I just ordered the 24oz co2 tank

FirePhoenixGamers says:

Pretty could video considering his age

Wontae says:

hmmmm, all I heard was “ummmmm” ” ummm” “ummmmmmmmm” “umm”

Chuckles theklr says:

What’s that shotgun in the back.??

Daylight Productions says:

Thanks for the review


you look like that really bad kid from toy story

kevin basmadjian says:

does it work with compressed air

that_ zombie_monkey says:

I’ll also be buying a coil tube that’ll run from the tank to the gun haha

Kyle Jackson says:

Can you use compressed air with co2 guns like this

Brandon Hacker says:

I prefer the good ol’ phenom

Jovanii Hernandez says:

should I get better tank

Halo Master says:

The CO2 will rot the firing mechanism. Use Compressed air

Thomas Kesey says:

Hey do you think you could send me a link as to where to find a buttstock for the marker, i havent been able to find one on amazon

add1 says:

sick review dude

Uzair says:

Where can u get a paintball like this with the scope and other shit

that_ zombie_monkey says:

with a hydration pouch to put the tank in it’s a Molle pouch ill be adding it to the back of my vest.. xD

zorg gaming says:

I have the same gun but its an electronic hopper. 15 balls a second……

PlaystionProductions dave says:

This video summed up in two words UH, UHM like fuck thats so annoying

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