RAP4 RAM X50 (Sig P226) .43 Caliber Blowback Paintball Pistol Field Test Review

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-Sig Sauer P226 Replica
-Semi Auto – SA & DA with Blowback
-9 Round Magazine
-250-300 FPS
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Right off the bat I have to say I had a great time making this Field Test Video Review of the RAP4 RAM X50 (Sig P226) .43 Caliber Blowback Paintball Pistol. I did something I don’t generally do, I went back into my forest area of the property and setup some human sized targets (5 gallon buckets) and did some tactical real world shooting simulation, it was a lot of fun and the RAP4 RAM X50 Paintball Pistol worked perfectly for this as I could very easily see exactly where I was shooting and also did not have to worry too much about rebounding ammo.

This video only covers the shooting performance of the RAP4 RAM X50. I start out by doing a Chronograph Test and shoot not only Paintball rounds but also some Rubber bullet and got very good average FPS results using both ammo types (288 fps using .43 caliber Rubber Balls and 279 fps using .42 caliber Paintballs).

I also tested the accuracy out from 20 feet away in a semi rested position and got about an 8 inch group with a full 9 round magazine, which on a human sized target would do the trick for sure. Keep in mind this is not a target pistol! My Tactical Field or should I say “Forest test”, showed that this paintball pistol performs very well when used in a simulated shooting scenario.

I can really see a use for a gun like this, mainly for training oneself on how to acquire targets quickly and how to improve your tactical shooting skills.

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Leslie Chow says:

I heard that cops use this for training is it true? and is it as powerfull

Darth Malice says:

Will that kill someone

mathys joaquime solcourt says:

i love you video

tadej says:

Would it be smart to have a shootout with rubber balls

Kandi Klover says:

You can get pepperballs in the caliber hehe

Kyle To says:

Will this gun be available soon in Canada?

TrapStation 186-24/7 says:

Does anyone know where I can order rubber .43 cal balls?

Rabnud Species says:

can you shoot paintballs out a airsoft gun?

Daniel Rider says:

magazine is supports with “Prime Guard Gun” .43 11mm ?

Look at all that Cheese says:


gerg spinoza says:

are these ever available in Canada?

Fasttux says:

thats epic, i want one

butterwolf 4 says:

can you get one in england

Justin Paddock says:

Yo anyone know where i can find paintball pistols???

banshee107 says:

Mike, what is the deal with the recently augmented airgun laws? I read replica airguns (such as this and airsoft) are prohibited unless they shot over 366fps. They also have to stored like real firearms now. Any truth to this?

Beverly Cash Mo'Nae says:

Can’t find this on the site :/ do you guys still sell them? Would love to have a paintball handgun!

Ryan Bat says:

Those rubber balls would definitely hurt. Yikes.

Capko says:

how much you want for that gun

Ivo Jara says:

I own one, there is a detail, after being loaded for more than 4 hours, paintballs deform and do not leave the cartridge easily, they tend to jam. Just a comment, do not leave your magazine full with paintballs for too long.

Michael Placzek says:

This is a nice gun, but I prefer my TiPX

Niklas99 says:


Linkin Undead says:

Brooklyn nine nine anyone

DrJones says:

can’t you get plastic balls filled with some type of tear gas in them to fit those guns?

Luigi J says:

Nice gun and video.

Animedix says:

can i use normal airsofts gun for this Paintballs BBs

Kendrick Chenier says:

cant find it anywhere

King says:

Over priced

Renato Marroquin says:

Where can I get one of these ??

Pierrik Jamy says:

nice review. I used to own the P99 replica. too bad they are too fragile and easily got leaks. but damn. since I’m playing Milsim, I really want to buy a new one, maybe the ram combat (Glock 17 replica), just because it looks great

Blast Gaming says:

I need this

Ben Baker says:

does this gun shoot rubber bullets

John Miller says:

What are these made for?

MohitHimanshu Kaushal says:

Is this legal?

yhungslurpjonathan says:

Go airsoft. Make the switch.

Rabnud Species says:

can you shoot paintballs out a airsoft gun?

D says:

Hey Mike, do you need a license to have Rubber balls and pepper balls

Tara Jenkins says:


CryWolf-Tactical says:

Is it available in Canada?

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