Shocker RSX Review: It’s Really Small?

When the Shocker RSX came out, it was quickly one of the most popular guns on the market. The RSX is the resurrection of one of the most iconic paintball guns, in the history of the sport. While taking the name of the Shockers of yesteryear, the RSX is a whole new thing, and packs a lot new tech. Will the Shocker RSX, keep the legacy of the Shocker name going strong? Lets find out!


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Alex D. says:

also it looks like you own a store or field and was wondering what marker you would shoot??? I’ve owned just about every modern electro … and I would go with a 2k12 g6r.

kaden cobb says:

So r you gonna do a give away with the gun

Crazy Catfish says:

Love my rsx my rsx shoots fantastic and has never had any reliability issues

Arctic Foam says:

As someone who is 6’1” in height, I don’t have a problem with the size of my shocker at all, it’s super comfortable to use and I don’t have any problems with it

MrRiddington says:

HK RSX looks like the RSX I would get, better trigger and grips. Have an Etha2 but this RSX is lurking in my shopping carts. The 160R probably a better gun but I just can’t get over the AT pipe, don’t know why but it just kills it for me. Nice Video.

Dante Cantu says:

People always complain when someone criticizes something they like.. get over it. Not everyone views stuff the same. That’s why there is more than one paintball gun on the market, so you can buy what YOU like. If he doesn’t like the shocker don’t get your panties in a wad. Y’all asked for a review, and he gave it to y’all, in HIS honest opinion. The man likes his PE better, so what. Get over it.

Keep up the good work!

PunkIce69 says:

I’ve had my RSX for almost two years now. I had issues with the old blue can, with random shot drop but after I got my gold can Ive had zero issues with it. This thing has been by far my favorite marker. I use to be a PE fan but after an EGO 09 and 11 that were just issue after issue i decided to make a switch. Between my RSX and my Onslaught, I tend to shoot my RSX more often. To me the size is great because I have smaller size hands (I can get if you have big hands not liking this, same reason I never cared for AXE/Minis). I personally think the Getk looks like garbage, and the 160 is ok looking but for the price I’ll take an RSX (plus it’s super smexy!) over it any day (even the ugly ass HK ones). I’d shoot my RSX over other high end markers, so for sure I’d shoot it over a Gtek or 160 any day all day.

Psych Foxtrot says:

I stoped at 700 bucks like jeez

Jacob Daubenspeck says:

this gun is really easy on paint. so far i have put 4 cases through it with only one break ( after i dropped it)

Asjad naqvi says:

That supreme hat though 🙂

Paintball Ruined My Life says:

I knew that doing this review would upset some people. It’s crazy how some people get upset, when someone has a different opinion than them. I think my next video will be all about my political opinions.

『alex』麻木 says:

I got a RSX with a Carbon Fiber Ninja tank and a Dye LTR hopper all for $725. I absolutely loveeeee it.

russell says:

mine leaked at the silenoid the first day i bought it. took it back and bought a PE cs1

Ahmad Riyad says:

Same bro i think the other people are just butt hurt owners now don’t get me wrong I have a shocker rsx and it is my main gun lol I love it it’s reliable the battery is shit tho but everything else is what u expect when u buy this gun lol. It’s just his opinion son.

Victor Ha says:

the ion got me into paintball. yeah its not best designed marker and it was a hassle to maintain, but it worked. that l7 bolt made it a totally different beast. if you had only one upgrade, that l7 was it. the shocker was on my wishlist that never happend.

Dayday Isa Shmurrda says:

this wasnt a review it was just a bias bashing of shockers and dick ridding of pe

Cameron Aguirre says:

It would be cool if you did more gun reviews. Maybe a M2 review or LV1.1

Ignite Paintball says:

It’s 499 on ansgear right now is that a good deal

Ryan Bacchus says:

Torn between a used one of these or a new etha 2, any help would be appreciated

poopz says:

so, is it basically a dolled up ion? bcus i remember those plastic looking guns

Proxy GMD says:

just got me this delivered with the same color. I love it

Carlos R says:

I have 1 of the first shockers, the original darker purple. I have never messed with it and it has been the most reliable marker I’ve had. At least 20 cases through it in 3 years… mine also does not rattle like that.

Spencer Nelson says:

I love my HK Shocker, just needs a tune up and it’ll be perfect.

brnsktingdieskting18 says:

got mine for 400 WITH an accent kit lol I fuckin love it

Joseph Dizon says:

I bought a shocker cause I love my sft and the battery harness was broken out of the box and the bolt stuck foward on the first shot. Then the gun started to act like the eyes were dirty or paint was blocking it even after cleaning. I guess it was a bad experience but thats what happened with most sp guns back then

Holden Craig says:

So basically, 1 game = 1 hpa refill?? No wonder no one plays this “sport”. lol!

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