Shooting Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun – Magfed and Hopper

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Drew Staudigel says:

he reloads like a noon

jayden rosen says:

So this is what I want to do have a pump gun I want a azodin I have a valken code and I want I mag fed gun

Sashimi Wolf says:

does the hopper attachment come with it?

Antonio Valdivia Jr says:

Both eyes open when aiming

kidlat1968 says:

there is no full auto with this marker?

René Kawasaki says:

Ich hab bisher nur 1 mal paintball gespielt. Bin fasziniert. Will richtig einsteigen. Ich finde paintball mit so einer waffe am besten. Mein Markierer beim 1. mal spielen war echt scheisse xD die balls sind überall hin nur nicht dort wo sie sollen. Der hier schießt meiner Ansicht nach recht präzise. Kauf ich mit iwann.

Nice video 🙂

Tommy Deliso says:

Yeah I think that the whole air on the handle is a little weird, I would hook up a remote line, but if you are someone like me who is primarily a speedball player, you would have to get a new pack that fits a tank, assuming you don’t already have one (I’m a speedball player though, why would I need one?) which is a bit much for just getting a new gun. Definitely think it’s pretty solid for $200 but for someone like me who doesn’t really settle for bare minimum, you would be paying for more than just the gun. I feel like it has some necessary extra purchases along with it like a new sight, remote line, new pack. Even then, it’s still pretty reasonable.

Snow Leopard says:

Would this gun be allowed for beginner play at SC village?

Darryn Ouk says:

is the buffer tube milspec? i.e. can I put a real steel butt stock on the gun or will it not fit like the US Army Tippmann guns?

Tomas M Bagdas says:

Big problem with aluminum threads in asa. Big effort not to cross thread. Not happy with marker.

sean strickland says:

Is there a bolt catch when you run dry?

jayden rosen says:

So I want a pump normal electronic and a mag fed

Pierre DePeralta says:

I really wish Tipman would of used a air to stock…

Gerard Smith says:

S would your hand rail fit on my tippman Cronus,it’ll look sweet on my gun

AZB520 says:

can you put cyclone hopper system tippmann on tmc

jayden rosen says:

Would it look weird playing against people with the normal looking guns

kev r says:

were did you buy it

D1V1K Games says:

I’m guessing this guy normally plays hopper games because he aims with both eyes open by tracing his previous shots as opposed to proper aiming.

Dylen Brandon Rivera says:

What size riser were you using in this video and do you recommend the same riser or something higher/lower?

Alex Guzman says:

Not a single break. Amazing!

Blackhawk 19 says:

What mask are u wearing

Jacob Ferguson says:

Was that an Electric hopper?

Lenny l says:

This is perfect. No need to have a tank inside the stock because I prefer remote line and tank on my back.

Alexander Thompson says:

What kind of sight do you have in the gun?

3D Printwiz says:

effective range?

TexF18 says:

great way to get shot by a cop

Grant Lindahl says:

why does it get quieter once you’ve fired the first shot??

I thought it might have been the audio adjusting, but I’m not sure.
If it’s the gun not firing at full power because you’re too trigger-happy….(shame)



SuperSausage3 says:

Can you recommend a sight that would work with the mask? Thanks.

AtomicEgg_AVA says:

If it’s the Cronos platform, you know what that means? yep, no cyclone or e trigger.

andrewpaintball246 says:

leave it to tippmann to make an ugly ugly magfed marker and by that i mean the abortion hanging below the stock.

Andy Castelan says:

Rn I have a spyder Fenix and I was wondering if I should buy the tmc but idk I feel like playing with hopper instead of Magfed

Graham Smith says:

I’m new to paintball so would this be a good starting gun to buy

Spencer11o says:

Is this a good first gun? I’ve played paintball with a rental 8 times and I love it, would you recommend this?

Berzerkgamer93 says:

How much did that sight cost you? Just bought me one yesterday waiting for it to be shipped here so was looking for some sights and extra for it.

YoungOg Crew says:

Is this gun more accurate then project salvo ?

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