SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun – Review

To get one of these SP Shocker XLS Paintball Guns visit: https://www.ansgear.com/Shocker_XLS_Paintball_Guns_s/6407.htm

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Long Island PaintBallers says:

heyyyyyyy o

Trace Brown says:

Check out my other channel for some paintball equipment reviews!

Brandon Jones says:

so can the new bolt fit in a rsx?

Steven Mortensen says:

Lets see an efficiency test!

PbNation Paintball says:

Rory fanclub 4 life.

Ohh Yeah says:

Ooooooo, sexy, I want one

Mohamad W says:

If they placed the price at 800 or even 850 I feel like it would sell a lot more I just don’t think its worth 300 more

joseph melchor says:

If the case is actually carbon fiber like it’s appearance that’s nice

hangfrau says:

Thank you for giving me information on the empire mini gs it was the first gun that I got and I love it thx

Francis Santiago says:

Gtek 160r or this gun?

Brian M says:

Idk about everyone else but they updated everything I had a problem with on the rsx

Lancy333 says:

great vidoe

Adam Lileikis says:

Looks amazing!!!!

Orizon says:

Shocker or defender? I play woodsball and traditional rec ball at my local feild

tero says:

Wich one you recomend to buy ans gear the shocker xls or dye dsr ??

chillstep4life says:

Did not even know they were releasing a new shocker. Hey ANS can you guys do a shooting video comparing the shot differences between the RSX and XLS?

Rage Ninja says:

Can u put the rsx blade trigger on the xls

Mason D. says:

It looks like a deformed MacDev Clone…

Dj Rekkless (DMV) says:

Hey Rory ! I’m new to paintball and was wondering did GoG go under or is this another name for them ? I wanted to know because I wanted to by the eXTCy, but it don’t make sense if the company went under. Thank you in advance and keep up the great reviews.

Spillar says:

Is the thread on the barrel/gun a Ion or AutoCocker thread

Callsign Whiskey17 says:

Is the lube for when the ladies find out you play paintball

Eric's Paintball Channel says:

6:40 I was one of the guys that got debris inside the power button from playing snake. The gun RSX completely stopped powering on. I had to take the board out and dip the power button in alcohol to dissolve the paint and whatever else inside. It now powers on but is really hard to press down and no longer “clicks”

Chris Pacheco says:

couldnt afford the first one and still cant afford this. nice job

Selling DE Homes says:

Stupid A$$ smart parts STILL not putting a fast ASA on their guns. Even cheap DP markers have a GREAT Flip ASA. Stupid stupid move on smart parts. Great review though as always Rory!

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