The Best Starter Paintball Guns in 2018

Getting started in paintball, or any new hobby can be overwhelming. After talking about paintball every day for the last 15 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about which paintball guns are best in which category. Lets take a look at some of the best starter markers, wether you want something that is super basic or something electronic with a high rate of fire.

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➖Basic Markers ➖
Tippmann Cronus ➡
Azodin Kaos II ➡

➖MagFed Markers ➖
Tippmann TMC ➡

➖Pump Markers ➖
Azodin KP3 ➡
Empire Sniper ➡

➖Electronic Markers ➖
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 ➡
Proto Rize ➡
Empire Mini GS ➡

➖Higher End Mech Markers ➖
Planet Eclipse Emek ➡
GoG eNMEy ➡


Used Paintball Gear ➡

➖ My Paintball Gear ➖
Planet Eclipse CS2 ➡
Ninja SL2 77/4500 ➡
Virtue Spire III ➡
Vforce Profiler ➡
Bunker Kings Supreme Harness ➡

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CJ Perry says:

What gun would you recommend as a “friend rental” gun for casual woodsball? I’ve been replacing 6 sets of older gear that I usually rent out to friends. Priority would be extremely reliable, super easy to clean/repair, and a general good experience. I like the Cronus but my old 98 custom takes forever to clean due to all the screws. The Azodin Kaos 2 looks nice and easy. But I’m not sure if spending a little extra for something like an Emek would go a long way to improve the experience.

Im looking at getting an Etha 2 to replace my old broken Smart Parts Sp1 (which I can’t get replacement parts for even through Gog) but there’s no way I’m spending that kind of money on extra guns for friends to use. I’d much prefer to stay under $150 but would go to $200 if it’s a drastic improvement.

George Matthews says:

#pbqt What are your thoughts on .50 cal paintball for a smaller community field start up vs starting right off at the typical .68 cal. Actually a full description and your thoughts on .50cal I would be really interested in watching. I tried searching your channel for a review on the topic but didn’t find anything.

David Sachs says:

bought an ETHA2 off ebay

Brian Clark says:

I’ve been looking for a video on cleaning paint out of a duel pane linse but there doesn’t seem to be one. Is there a way to do it or am I going to have to buy a new linse?

Rickey Miller Jr says:

I’ve been watching a bunch of paintball videos and I’d like to say I have seen about thirty of your videos to get an idea of what to purchase for recreational paintball. I have never purchased a marker before but my final conclusion came down to the PE EMEK. I wanted to thank you for your uplifting videos to help me in my purchase today. Also keep up the wonderful work I can tell you love what you do with your past time and you’ve informally invited me to a new hobby!

Joseph Hernandez says:

Brad is ALIVE!!!!!

Max Powers says:

Best first electric marker would be the mini GS.

Ki Schoebel says:

Look who’s back, shadys back, back again


Why do you always wear “Supreme” specific hats?

Boomer Wolf says:

Guys if you want a proto rize that is better try the proto rize maxed but it is 470$ canedien

David Sachs says:

Excellent keep doing these reviews! Nice background

The Last DooMz says:

Yesterday i bought a tippmann a5 on amazon….

Christopher Raymond says:

Gahhh so want to try out the EMEK!

Garrett Hunter says:

Never stop amazing video

HammyMC says:

I was going to buy a new Etha 2 but I found a second hand 160r with the POPS and about 10k shots on the clock for the same price. I picked that up and I am glad I did

sean whitmore says:

For pbqt:
What do you think about scopes for paintball? What kind of barrel would work well with a scope?

Christopher Williams says:

I picked up an Empire Axe Pro for $450 on sale from $700 for my first starter gun.

Ben Mulcahy says:

You should do a review on the blitz 3

Hunter Vidrine says:

What a good paintball sniper

EthanWasHere48496 says:

Hello I’m new to paintball and I have about a $535 budget for a setup and I want to get an accurate gun but don’t know what to choose plz help

Nightmare Speedqb says:

I have a Proto rize it’s ok but I like my gog Enemy

Corey Pape says:

#pbqt I have always been interested in history and am just getting back into paintball since taking a 10 year break. A lot of companies that made markers are no longer in business, and the industry seems to now be ruled by a few big companies. I remember companies like Spyder, Angel, Smart Parts, Alien, evil, Indian creek designs, bob long etc. but do not see them around anymore. What happened??

Mike Frederiksen says:

welcome back brad
been looking foward to watching your videos again

johnny Garcia says:

I haven’t played in like 16years, I’m getting back into it. I’m glad I stumbled on this channel, I’m probably going to go with the EMEK. Is there any inexpensive upgrades for it ? My buddy suggested a ASA pops and barrel kit?

Raymond O says:

I have been wondering this for a while now. Why are paintball masks so expensive? They are only plastic. What’s the deal?

Nate _k92 says:

Although I play magfed, I love watching your vids about these mechs and speedball guns

Tyler Smith says:

Etha 2 or GTEK 160R? Is it worth the extra $300 for OLED and aluminum?

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