The New Empire Axe Pro (Paintball Gun Review)

The Empire Axe Pro was announced with the Vanquish before World Cup 2014 and we finally got our hands on it to give it a close look at it. The Axe Pro is more than just a visual upgrade, it comes packed with new features that improve upon the platform that’s becoming one of the best in paintball.

To read more about the Axe Pro, view our thread on PbNation:

Link to our review:


Jackson Gibbons says:

So you guys should like donate that gun to my charity wat charity you ask the one were you give me a good paintball marker

HyperU2 says:

I was hoping I could pay more for the same performance, thanks Empire.

Blake WItsenburg says:

In the axe pro cocker threaded?

Christian Novela says:

I have this gun and I hate the way they made the joystick it’s deep in and I can bearly scroll through my settings it’s a week old and I already. Messed up the button


11:41 lol that guy

Tedpearlsalot PGB says:

I have a problem with my axe pro when I go to take the bolt out I can not for the life of me pull it out I’ve had a friend push in the bolt lock while I pull on the bolt full strength and it’s just completely jammed I’ve only played with it 2 times and I can’t seem to get it out

Justin Lewis says:

Can you PLEASE do a 2015 Empire Axe pro Vs Etek 5 video
I’m sure everyone would love to see that comparison because these two guns are in competition with each other… PLEASE!!!

Cory Wood says:

yay lube

Jimmy Langley says:

Nothing compared to the new GTek!

Justin Stewart says:

Taking apart the gun was beautiful. Paintball has really come a long way in terms of full gun maintenance, shit used to be so complicated.

Dani Reyes says:

Can you do a video on the firing modes?

Rotoziptheman says:

Lol an axe that holds it’s resale value….

CanadianGamer 39 says:

How long is the barrel

Farmer Joe says:

Now that’s an improvement also now I want one

Caden Matson says:

I really thought this was just a normal axe with some body/milling. haha they actually put work into updating it!

Derek Orozco says:

Empire needs to start selling protective cases with their guns like what dye and planet eclipse does. I mean if they sell cases with the eteks and the reflex rails why cant the axes have a cases.

Stuart says:

does it use grease or oil

Anthony Macleod says:

Can any 1 give me advice I was going to buy a slightly used vanquish 1.5 but my friend has the new axe pro for slightly less. Which one is better

scott goforth says:

No one wants a axe

crabbe98 says:

Still no case or full color manual

Farmer Joe says:

Great review though

andya07774 says:

Hello the site the market was tested at. Do they use reball as I count see paint anywhere? I’d like to know as that’s what I will manly use.

vise versa says:

question: could you use the axe pro for woods ball, would it hold up in that type of environment?

metrorhys10 says:

Can you use an ac threaded barrel on theses?

xxBrandonxx241 says:

I’ve been playing paintball for more then a year now and I’m thinking about getting the Empire Axe. Is it worth the money?

Paintball Noob says:

Honestly I couldn’t care less if it came with a case or not cause some people actually already have a case, and there is nothing wrong with using the cardboard box that comes with foam to completely surround it.

kidlat1968 says:

can you dry fire this even without actual paint? will air still come out? coz mine doesnt im not sure if I have a defective one

Paintball Noob says:

I think I would rather have “beefier” screws to hold the body together.

Jared Emberton says:

So many similarities between the old and new. I think the updates they did were for ease of maintenance and also looks.

Matthew Reyna says:

Number 1

Phil says:

What would you recommend for a beginner ? Budget ~ $400

paul leemhuis says:

does anyone have a problem with the axe bolt guild shooting out the back or just creep back ward?

Kevin Bonilla says:

Would you recommend a empire axe pro

varocks183 says:

The ETek comes with better packaging than this..

evilgouki 6177 says:

is the trigger on the axe pro better than a gtek or etek 5?

youngchris209 says:

hello can u do a video  about etek 5 vs axe pro  ? 

Z0R0zeenee says:


Josh Pitpitan says:

Alright I was wondering which would be a better gun the etek 5 or the pro I need help debating thanks if you guys reply

Emilio Sierra says:

I just got a 2015 axe pro… How would I go buy the warranty if something is wrong with it… How long do parts usually last and are parts expensive

IowaPaintballer says:

Guy at my field has one, i held it and it feels a lot better then it looks

Nathaniel Hijada says:

where can i get a replacement bolt guide?

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