Tippmann A5 Semi Auto Paintball Marker – Review

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Skyrimax says:

would a azidion Kaos be better?

The Lurker says:

ordered mine from you the other day. eagerly awaiting the fedex truck.

Zach says:

I mine I figured out it works a little bit better to just clip my 1point sling right to the back.

ItsGrizzly says:

If I ever get into paintball (I play airsoft) id probably get this mp5k

FS Divinity says:


Mikaël Provencher says:

you have that face at the beginning; can’t believe I’ll review the a5 … again…

Mark Longboy says:

where can i order the p90 body kit?

marco alonso says:

is this an electric gun

Hernán Costal says:

How much it cost?

f1ash j says:

Suggestions for barrels. Having issues with accuracy/consistency.

Alexander Biebel says:

Is it just me or does this gun look a lot like the MP-5 sub-machine gun with the flat barrel on?

Trever Miller says:

Can some one help me. I just got my new tippmann a5 same one in the video. I put it together and put my full co2 tank on it and it will not shoot could some one help

ShotGamer says:

mine mine….
min mine mine…

seagulls from nemo

Paul Tabet says:

as an a5 owner that plays milsim. if you are in any level of paintball player and looking for a gun. get the a5. you wont regret it

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