Tippmann Cronus Basic And Tactical Review

The Tippmann Cronus is one of the best starter paintball guns in the game. Why is the Tippmann Cronus sooo cool, and what is the difference between the Cronus Basic and the Cronus Tactical?


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SSniper14 PB says:

there is a generic unbranded 14 inch a5 threaded freak barrel on eBay for $35. it seems like its thin enough to fit the cronus. Just thought I should let everyone know that there is a good barrel for the cronus

Ismael Deleon says:

Can you make a review for the GoG Enmey? Also, I’m looking to buy the Enmey, but I don’t play that often, probably 2 times a year. Will the Enmey still be good for this? Like would I be able to put it away for a year and come back and have it work perfectly fine?

Chala Mama says:

Can the stock come out

Ryan Maddigan says:

Is the feed neck easy to remove

Elite_ Reaper says:

My first marker was a tmc

Nathan Santos says:

Where do you live?

Victor D says:

I just bought a Tippmann A5 marker I’m thinking of buying a response trigger for it should I buy one??? is it worth buying???

Christopher West says:

Could you do a review on the Tippmann Gryphon FX??

SW(is)M says:

Planning on buying a bunch of these to rent out to friends.. Not many people in small towns have the setups.

Ishcar says:

Which is better Cronus or spyder m100?

FaZe Fan says:

Is the tactical heavier than the basic? Also will a scope work good on the tactical?

Jump2218 says:

Does the hopper bracket remove to provide easy access to the barrel like on the 98 custom?

Logan Paul VS Jake Paul says:

How do you turn up the shooting power?

Sayyed Davis says:

Does anyone know where to find a foldable/collapsible tactical stock for the cronus?

9011lonewolf says:

Yes I read that. and are you saying to break that gun? lol

Nacho Sanchez says:

What about the cronus basic vs the tippmann 98 custom?

heres bobby says:

what paintballs does it take.Also does first strike work on this marker.

FaZe Mouse says:

Can you do a review on the axe 2.0

AverageSavage445 says:

So basically is this gun same stop in practical because I have the stock and I am purchasing is a tactical parts on Amazon

MrTFPrime says:

I bought the basic Cronus September 2016. Been wanting a deadly winds barrel. Will it fit? And will it even make a difference with the Cronus?

Victor Gonzalez says:

thanks for the info.

dillian shepard says:

I have one best $120 I have ever spent

Eiken says:

I’m getting the tactical version, and my question is: The regular, more compact version comes with a front and back-sight, is that included with the tactical version or do you have to use the built-in sight on the handle and the front-sight at the tip of the rail? If the latter is the case, I’m guessing you can buy the original sight separately?

firebirdude2 says:

You forgot to mention the gas-thru grip bro. That’s a pretty big deal. No macro or steel braided lines to fix/leak/get snagged/get in the way. Even the line inside the grip is solid steel. Great starter gun for a great price.

N80izGR80 says:

Thanks for the help! I’m looking to buy one of these and this vid helped me choose. I’m just a 15 year old kid who tried painball and now I’m hooked. Until now I’ve been renting from the park I go to, but this vid helped me choose a gun. Thanks.

Chase Moore says:


R Niza says:

Can I fit an 14 inch barrel on the basic Cronus? And which barrell would you recommend.

Thanks. Regards from The Netherlands

JaMeAs YaMeAs says:

Can this gun shoot .68 Caliber Paintballs??? If not, what size Paintballs does it shoot?

Cringe Bud says:

just getting into paintball I think I’ll buy this for my first paintball gun

Jacob May says:

98 custom or Cronus which you recommend

Gussbuss Bustos says:

Yes we’re reading this

Nathan Santos says:

Can you go live this Monday?

GardenOfStone says:

Is 11 too young for paintball or are the guns too heavy for that age? If not is the cronus basic the lightest I can buy for him?

Louis Gendron-Larsen says:

I’ve had this has my first marker. Best thing ever, this things works well. I recommend if your new to this.

Chris Coca says:

Not Tippmann’s cheapest marker. That would be the Gryphon.

Kyle van Oudheusden says:

Yes I’m reading this

พ.อ. อนันต์ มหิดล says:

จังหวัดนนทบุรีรับตัวโรงเรียนเทพพิมานครับ . ดี ครับ

RebourneHD says:

Does anyone have a list of barrels that do fit on the cronus basic? Im looking to buy one with a longer barrel but I’m not sure which one will fit, only thing I found was that they have to be A-5 threaded but I don’t know which width :/

ChinkADink21 says:

Any chance you can give your thoughts about the macdev drone 2?


what air tank should i get for the tippman cronus? im looking into buying a package that comes with the gun, hopper, pods, and mask, but it comes with a co2 tanks, and i have heard that air tanks are better so i want to get one, but i dont know which one is good for a good price.


(top left) yeah im reading that

Raymond productions says:


Vipers goalie 20 20 says:

can you use this marker with compressed air or only C02

Zaaack says:

Can you please do a video on what barrels fit on the cronus, I’m looking to upgrade my barrel!

Storm 1030 says:

Oh tippman , my first marker was a a5 when it first came out it was so heavy with the 14 inch cp barrel, m4 stock and 24 oz co2 lol

Bry Bry says:

where would you buy this?

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