Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun – Review

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Reviews On What I Have 1.0 says:

Would you recomend it for beginners or is it better the spyder agressor as first gun?
Please answer

Brandon Sargent says:

a good starter gun is the mr100

Zach says:

Would this be good as just an extra marker to keep so when my friends come over we can go out back and play or would you recommend a different marker as a backup or spare.

Jason B says:

Just a heads up if you buy a new A5 barrel for this marker, be sure the new barrel is not thicker than the stock Cronus barrel or it will not fit. That collar thing on the front will block thicker barrels from screwing all the way down into the gun.

Ankit Avichal says:

A great beginner gun, i just bought one recently and i love it!

PB& Jean says:

I’ve had one for years now makes a great general play and loaner gun for friends

The Knife Bros says:

Witch gun should I get tippman Cronus or gryphon

Orfil Gonzalez says:

What’s it made up of

Kyle van Oudheusden says:

“I getch you!”-ANS GEAR 2:21

MattIanDuo says:

Good starter gun?

phcasper says:

can the 98’s e-trigger work on this?

XbrawlingX says:

I’m really wanting to get into paint ball but I’m having trouble picking my marker help please
Tippman Cronus
Azodin kaos
Spyder mr100

I was leaning towards the Cronus because the hopper is offset but I’m open to any help or thoughts!

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