Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun – Review

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SuperFluffyShmoopy says:

I don’t mean to brag or nothing but that’s me on the box.

Who am kidding of course I am

Logan Burns says:

What hopper is good for this gun

jared judd says:

You guys forgot to mention the slightly different trigger

SupremeGnomez says:

is it electric

Josue Martinez says:

Those the one with The skull can be use with a compressor air tank .. Sorry I’m new on this n I bout tht gun but I don’t don’t if I can used it with a compressor air tank cuz mine came with a co2 tank but it’s hard for me to fill it up so can I use the gun with a compressor air tank ?

Ben Davis says:

How the heck do you aim this thing. The hopper would be right in the way?! Suggestions anyone?

Louis Antos says:

guy below me is awesome

Grammar Nazi says:

Is there a way to got a longer barrel

Zach Darling says:

Can you put a 12 inch or 14 inch barrel on the gun?

Victor Rodriguez Mesa says:

What are better the fx or the basic?

Caleb Rivera says:

What is better the Gryphon or Cronus.

Julien Chavanat says:

Différences entre gryphon et gryphon fx ?

Victor Rodriguez Mesa says:

okay thanks !!!

Matthew Flores says:

that barrel is threaded right? sorry im a newb to PB.

Brandon Sargent says:

is this a good gun

SHIFdoomSHIFbob 12 says:

wow I have the original gryphon and now I really want the new gryphon

Santiago 123 says:

Do you guys still Sell the Empire E-Flex Skull Mask?

Alex Dixon says:

Is it a very good gun

Jacob Jordan says:

+ANSgearPaintball Gryphon or Cronus?

Victor Garcia says:

or Saturday morning

Christopher Skidmore says:

Cronus or gryphon just starting out not sure which one

Ezra says:

The looke asome

Victor Garcia says:

if I were to order something on a wedsenday would it be here by friday

Tom Blench says:

can it use co2 and air

Sam Ward says:

Can you please do a video on how to maintain this gun (o rings, lube and basic maintenance) thanks!

Xabath Fire says:

Is Abc or aluminium?

Pascal St says:

is the Body plastic or what is it?

Skyrimax says:

can I use 2 fingers with this gun?

Chase Anderson says:

can it shoot .50

JakobV says:

cronus or gryphon

ohBillology says:

I have the carbon fiber on but i can’t get it to shoot so can u do a video on how to put it together thanks

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