Tippmann Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR) Paintball Gun – Review

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josh wood says:

does a co2 come with it or do i buy one before getting the gun

VoidGap says:

Is the magazine holder on the stock removable?

Petrovi says:

how do you put the v neck on

losbx718 says:

I think there was something under the cardboard


Can you use magazines even when the feed neck is attached? just so you don’t have to take the gun apart depending if you want to use a hopper or not?

ARandomCow says:

What’s better, this or the Tiberius Arms T15?

AirDynamicZ says:

How do you do the cleaning for this marker? I can’t find any on YouTube.

Aaron Camp says:

Anyone know how many shots you get with a c02 cartridge?

stupiddumbtard79 says:

does it shoot first strike rounds?

Jacob Melanson says:

Halo 2 cosplayers just got full hard ons watching this

Jan says:

Non stop problems with this gun. a buddy of mine got this gun brand new, and every time he uses it it chops paint, bolt gets stuck in the forward position because of the paint (using field paint, draxxus bronze) every single time he uses it whether he uses 12 gram CO2 or an HPA. not sure whats wrong with it since tipxs seem to work just fine but his tcr just refuses to work

thatothersniper says:

Is there any way to turn this into a full auto marker?

victorclol84 says:

If you could only get one this are the tipx what one would you get

Patick Malloy says:

Ok thanks

Patick Malloy says:

How long do the c02 cartridges last

David Lowe says:

Is there any way I can get a higher cap magazine for this?

MarkOPSwimmer notHD says:

Will any A5 threaded barrel fit or do I have to make sure the width isn’t too wide to fit into the socket kind of?

Adambutler says:

there was something els in the box

kickstand 12 says:

You should do the fmg9

Heath Rhodes says:

How far does this marker shoot when compared to other tippmann models? i’m just concerned that it won’t have the same range as the tippmann project salvo for example.

powerred666 says:

mine was a lemon from day 1   :'(

machine9un kill says:

Whats the max number of shots from 1 12 gram?

Bill Hansbury says:

Will the a5 flatline fit on this marker?

David Lowe says:

Compare this to a Dye DAM. Which is better considering their price point?

Alejandro Torres says:

I skipped ahead and all I heard was “Don’t lose your nuts there” cracked me up

BlackRiderPB says:

Gonna be my next magfed gun I just love the look of it

lieutenant delaage says:

so the tcr can be hopper feed?

ww3sabiture says:

ya for mag fed I will stick with my SMG 60 at least its select fire

Jamaal Wilburn says:

Is the tippmann tcr stock barrel apex compatible???

Petrovi says:

why would someone only want to carry 17 balls

Stephen says:

Anyone own and currently use this? How do you like it?

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