Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun – Review

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Shenanigans Master says:

On the Tippmann Tmc JM20 does the fake suppressor twist or come off

kyle deguzman says:

is it .68

Asher Lee says:

I have the TMC and it is a fantastic marker

Witalik Isachanov says:

pls assist me wat is the calliber for this gun i wil buy it from you and the paintbals if you sell it

Lt.Ironsides says:

What type of magazines are these?

sort187 says:

What about the spring pressure AFTER the mag is loaded? It’s still going to squash paint if not used right away, isn’t it?

Christopher Manoff says:

would I be able to change the front tail though? I’m not overly fond of composite parts. It won’t be a deal breaker if it’s not changeable.

Damion jackson says:

will the tippmann marker come in all black.


Great Clip! I like it!

Paintball Fan says:

Will the mag’s fit in the Molding mag-holds?

Narender Naresh says:
Delirious Gaming says:

Can it support first strike?

Juan Manuel Frias says:

wowww is the best.

kidlat1968 says:

is there a kit that can upgrade this to full auto?

Keyvan Munoz says:

were can I buy extra mags?

David Thomson says:

Can you use the cyclone feed with this

Matthew Newman says:

can you switch the mag release im left handed

Bryce Gaming says:

So why is is it different to go to the mag find type than hopper

victorclol84 says:

I’m in debate mode which one do you think would be better this gun are the tippmann tcr

martin manzano says:

Will shoot first strike???

Jon Bond 009 says:

I don’t know much about this but does it use Co2 or another gas or air???

Code Killer1313 says:

I like to have that gun

Tristan Doucette says:

can the stock be completely removed?

Maestro Paint says:

Check out my Tippmann TMC Gameplay 🙂

McMaster 2001 says:

Is there a air through stock option

The Brocade says:

How do u turn up the velocity

Curtis Boynton says:

98 threaded? Noooo

Narender Naresh says:

My email id is mk enterprise.1983@gmail.com
Mob. No. Is 9899234820 share whats app plz

Christopher Amone says:

Since this is a tippmann, if I wanna put a hooper. Could I apply the cyclone tippmann feeder? Like how you could with a stander 98 custom?

Alan Arjona says:

how does it compare to the T15??

martin manzano says:

I need the fake suppressor and the barrel 16 inch that will fit in tmc and the barrel what will the be the set up

Harvey Lopez says:


Jarvis Patterson says:

Just amazing, I bought a TMC today and after a full 8 hours of play it chopped once and it preformed amazingly. My killhouse WS red dot works like a charm on it ( yes i need a riser). It overall feels great and you don’t even need a handle, the mag well or barrel shroud works just fine. Depending on your play style you may not need many mags because of its accuracy. Just an amazing gun overall.

Adrenalcookie says:

Can you put a e grip to make it full auto on it?

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