Tippmann TMC Review: Solid Budget Magfed

Did Tippmann make a good AR15ish magfed paintball gun? Let’s find out!

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Brandon Hozey says:

I’ll take the cronus over the magfed junk.

H.Cruzz10 says:

Any type of grips will fit on the hand guard???

Frank Sosa says:

I’ve played about 4 game’s of paintball and im getting a paintball gun this July and i wanna get the TMC should I?

Hit Man says:

Is it first strike

Sergeant Camacho says:

Do you recommend this marker for Hyperball? Thanks! Great video!

FunSizeFluffy says:

This or tipx for starter magfed?

Jason Watt says:

First strike capable?

Gerard Smith says:

New to painball could I put the hand guard on my tippman Cronus if I can what’s the name of the handguard

Kyle van Oudheusden says:

Tippmann TCR review?

Shawn Lasee says:

I like this gun, i buying one myself!

Howitzer933 says:

…… Butt stock …….

almib says:

Solid vid

Eric Gonzales says:

played against a 5 man squad of Cronus/TMC users and wrecked them twice in a row using our rental Tippman 98’s 😉 felt great

Hayden Myers says:


[fa] says:

Here’s a little list of basics if you want to know what the main/common parts are called.

Stock- Provides an extra point of contact, helping the user control recoil and keep the weapon steady.

Receiver- Think of it like the weapon’s torso. It contains the “guts” of the weapon, such as the firing mechanism, hammer, etc.

Handguard/ Barrel shroud- Protects the user’s hand from the heat generated firing the weapon.

Magazine- Stores the ammunition and feeds it directly into the weapon. Most modern weapons have detachable box magazines.

Clip- A simple, stamped strip of metal basically used as a speed loader for older weapons, which would otherwise have to be fed one cartridge at a time. This was necessary as many older weapons (think WW1/ WW2 rifles) did not have detachable magazines. A clip was used to load those cartridges into that magazine, which would then feed into the weapon’s action. Though similar in function, the terms magazine and clip are not interchangeable.

Flash Hider- Decreases muzzle flash so the user is not blinded in dark conditions.

Charging handle- The pull back part. Readies the weapon. Pulling back on the charging handle if the weapon is already ready will eject the cartridge or shell already in the chamber. It can do some other things depending on the rifle, but I’ll just keep it simple for now.

Hope that helps, firearm terminology can be pretty confusing, so I figured I’d share what I know.

Tommy Tuomaala says:

You might want to correct the barrel treaddings on https://www.paintballruinedmylife.com/2016/09/19/tippmann-tmc-tippmanns-budget-mag-fed/ I bellieve the treads are 98.

sean strickland says:

Is there a mag catch? How do you know when you are empty?

Liam Cole says:

why do you sound drunk

call of duty my favorite says:

what cal

The Snowman says:

Is it a good beginner Gun? Have never played be fore and i want a simple not so expensive gun so plz let me know

bestminecrafters80 says:

can you put a larger magazine?

peypeythefluffy says:

Does it use co2 or compressed

Buck Shot says:

Can you put an air through stock on the TMC?

Dakota Taylor says:

Do you have to re-cock every time you want to shoot

Witalik Isachanov says:

wich calliber duz dis Tippmann TMC need

Handsome Jack says:

i find magfed dumb in paintball, why would someone sacrifice capacity for a lower profile?
in that case just buy a Cyma and use 6mm paintballs or move to Airsoft :/

Sparkyhellion says:

escuse me should i buy this gun or should i buy a blitz 3?

R C says:

Eric Engler offers a first strike modified TMC for sale. There’s not a lot of info out there on it I can find. Brad, do you have any experience with Engler? Any way you could get some more info on their first strike TMC?

Caveira138 says:

“No one likes hos anymore.”

Mikkoh says:

Nice review! Thanks for the info, just bought this yesterday, can’t wait!

Ender Bartnik says:

is I really based off of the cronus, I always thought they were based off of the 98’s. Huh, I learned something today. Cronus’ were more popular than the 98 too, wow I am not up to date?

Skyrimax says:

Nitrogen, HPA, or c02? Which one is the best for this marker?

Storm 1030 says:

Mag fed was never really for me lol I got a Tipx zeta mags remote line pretty much the works , played twice now im selling all of it, speedball is my style of choice, love watching mag fed on YouTube cool scenario games with objectives and stuff , just can’t get into actually playing mag fed

elfuerte klk says:

it was a really nice video and i think i will buy it.
it looks amazing lol

harlemhornet says:

looks like crap compared to the T15

sort187 says:

How about using something like an APEX barrel? Is it feasible/possible?

Eidan Medina says:

Do you think I should by this if I already have a Cronus

Delirious Gaming says:

Could u use the Tiberius t15 charging handle by any chance cause of the similar aluminum frame?

TrapStation 186-24/7 says:

I got mine last week and immediately out of box (with factory seal) the trigger system didn’t fcking work. Pull the trigger 35 times and the gun shoots once (with no exaggeration)! Extremely disappointed and mad because this gun was advertised as “EXTREMELY RELIABLE”!!

Leonard R says:

No one likes hoes anymore lol

Rabid wolverine says:

it’s real light I’ve owned for a months an half, I had bought extra mags but one paintball always pops when you put 20 I’ve switch to a hopper now but I like the weight or the gun an my cousin bought a cronos it’s decent but none customizable I believe unlike the tmc.

Count Benula says:

Rapt4 (Now MCS) has gotten considerably better so I’ve heard

KnightHawk Films says:

Hey, quick question in regards to this marker/ barrel setup in particular. I’ve been looking into the apex 2 18 inch barrel, but am unsure if it would be worth buying for this gun. It comes with a 12 inch stock barrel, would upgrading to the apex barrel provide any additional accuracy/ range? Thanks ahead of time; love the videos!

machine9un kill says:

What was tippmanns first magfed gun?

Skallia Airsoft says:

What’s the magnification on the telescopic sco- I mean bipod?

Ashraven PB says:

I just got to hold one side by side with an actually ar15 and its is very nice. That tippmann cronus style grip is really comfortable and way better than any 45 style grips I’ve used

Preston Newman says:

I’m thinking about buying one I’m new to all this stuff and I want to know if it will take the e trigger mod

pro-self-offense says:

where’s the scope?or do mean iron sights?

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