Tippmann X7 Phenom Overview

Review and shooting test of the new Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball marker.


dyllman98 says:

you should have gotten an apex

Skrumby says:

What songdo u use for ur intro

JuGGerJuGGs says:

What is the size of the barrel? 14″?

Erik Kassner says:

You’re such a virgin for pitting a $500 EOTech sight on a paintball gun.

Dominican Prince says:

what are your top 3 guns @fearpaintball

Eugene Mcintosh says:

Hey sir where did you get the sight on your gun??

Alessio says:

that thing eats air so fast

Mateus Garcia Araujo says:

what for name the músic intro ?

TheWhiteZulu says:

best tippman is the ar1 elite

Jake Rixon says:

how many balls can the stock hold

EspionageVeteran says:

It’s called a U M P not ump . Fantastic video and gun btw

Mason DeYoung says:

Hey. What is that sight and fire grip you have?

actionbackgammon says:

What’s the song at the beginning

Eddie Lerma says:

I’m looking for that mag and I can’t find it anywhere with the fake bullets showing? Help please

SkintSNIPER262 says:

Wait a sec… You only need a battery to shoot Full Auto?

Sam N says:

I have the Tippmann alpha black elite

Jesus Madriz says:

does anyone know the answer to my x7 I put it on full auto when I squeeze the trigger and goes full auto it goes for a bit then stops then goes again.

Valerio Hart says:

name of song plz

Jacob Parra says:

I’m new to paintball and looking for a new gun and this gun looks good but is it accurate?

Jonathan Lima says:


tactical airgunner says:

cool gun 😉

Jim H says:

That stock barrel shot straight…. money down the crapper on that lapco jobby.

Paintball Noob says:

Did you say Ump folding stock ? I believe it’s U.M.P

Pedro Ferreia says:

havent heard this song ever before…..

rochester3 says:

weak gun

Jordan Baker says:


PurpleYellowFan says:


d y o l l k c i n says:

What type of mask are you wearing?

James Berry says:

A mini GS or a gtek will eat this thing for breakfast and you’ll have cash left over. 500 for a Tippmann? Lmao.

Aethleid plays says:

in your intro you forgot the other 5 army values my dude

Zumpkin says:


Verle Cox says:

a magpull mag with real 9mm ammo?? LMfao

EL BURRO says:

I don’t know about yours but mine might be a defect it’s a amazing gun but my wire diconected after 2 months

Bryson Johnson says:

I am thinking about buying one and want to know a good setup for the x7 phenom with the magazine conversion kit. Does anyone know a good way to set that up or have any advice?

Deadshot Gaming18 says:


Ray Acosta says:

Is the x7 phenom worth the $100 more over the delta elite?

Tony Montana says:

Virgin doesnt know shit…wtf is ump?

Sean Minot says:

Can you break down the custom parts you added?    For example: what brand/model eotech is that? What grips are on the pistol handle? What model UMP Magazine shows the rounds like that?

Fight Club says:

hey can I bye it in Bangladesh?

Mike Prince says:

how much

MuscleCarOz says:

buddy you got ripped off with that barrel

eatsleepplayrepeat says:

How long is the gun with the standard barrel?

TxTheHulkTx says:

Wth how long is the battery charge for

Thomas Catlin says:

So, as you can see, the Lapco helps a great deal in no way whatsoever. Seriously, I just watched both barrels demonstrate identical results.

Given there are no defects in the bore’s honing, barrels make zero difference regarding accuracy. Why won’t this myth die?

John Davis says:

I know this is probably a long shot but can you guys us a link to the tiberius riser seen in this video please?

Trever Guerrero says:

Best gun ever in milsim

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