Top 5 Paintball Guns Under $300

There are A LOT of paintball guns out there, lets narrow down some of the choice! As of August 2017, these are the best paintball guns under $300.

—Top 5 Paintball Gun Under $300—
Tippmann A5 –
Tippmann TMC –
Azodin KP3 –
Proto Rize –
Empire Mini GS –

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Chris Coca says:

The cyclone hopper may as well be a big blimp saying “Hit me” when you come out of the right side of a bunker.

Antix18 says:

Valken Code is a great gun for under $300. I just bought mine

Parker Brauer says:

the spyder fenix


What is the best paintball gun not including price

Caleb Burton says:

Etha Lt or mini gs

D1V1K Games says:

Y do ppl use pump guns

Ilir Kumi says:

And intro to pump?? GET A HAMMER 7!! It’s $60 new!
It’s such a good paintball gun and it’s dirt cheap! Highly, HIGHLY customizable, hopper AND mag fed, and it’s a more accurate than a 98 Custom.
Nobody talks about the Hammer 7 it’s underrated as fuuuuck! Most kids can save up 60 bucks, even $300 is a lot if you don’t have daddy’s credit card.
As for people may age, I can’t blow all my money on paintball, even though I do anyways! Buy used kids!

Everything and Anything says:

I like the smart parts ion

Ahmad Riyad says:

Should of got the proto rize a while back . I got the d3fy instead my old me is an idiot

kazkid8 says:

This is great! I agree with all this… But I am surprised the GOG eNMEy didn’t make this list. $150 and probably the best shooting mech in the game next to a high end autococker.

rougen512 says:

What makes you say that you wouldn’t be able to pick up a empire axe that’s been sitting for 4-5 years? Just curious! Glad I came across your channel

Gio says:

Etha Lt or Mini gs

Geremy Massolin says:

Feelings on the DP G5? Like the newest model. Also have you seen or heard about the Turbine core upgrade? Thoughts about it?

T H says:

Rebuilding the valve body on Tippmann 98 is possible because we do them at our field and store every couple of weeks either for a customer or our rentals. It’s 2 small o rings, 30 minutes, repair tools, and experience.

Tommy Deliso says:

What about that gun from Dangerous Power that nobody talks about? Oh yeah, the E1. That was my first marker, it was good and all but NOT reliable. I referred to them as hiccups but god damn there were a lot of hiccups.

Jeff Baker says:

What happed to the Rail Maxx? Do they exist anymore?

Eric Bruvall says:

I’m getting back into paintball after a very long hiatus (last time was 2003 — yup I’m an old guy…) I’m thinking about going with a Mini GS but with an aluminum HPA tank and a Halo Too loader to keep the cost down since I’ll need to pick up absolutely everything (mask, pack, pods, blah blah blah).


GameboyF 7 says:

Honestly just look on used paintball gun sites I found a perfectly good etek 3 and mini gs for like 240

NightHunt says:

Is the azodin blitz 3 good? I can’t spend more then 250

Logan Pons says:

When i had a rize maxxed it actually made me mad every time i pulled the trigger because i payed 380 for it new and it shot like my brothers blitz, like shit, and it felt cheap because of the imbalance. DYE is supposed to have some of the smoothest guns around

Dale Colwell says:

What do you think of the G5 spec R. How does it compare to the Etha 2

It's Dukeyeah says:

Kp3 and azodins in general tend to break very easily, I ran a summer camp for pb and a kid just got his and an o ring blew

Max Lindsay says:

Recommend the GoG Enmey. 200 or so dollars for a reliable and to the point gun. It also looks smexy

TechHoard says:

Do u like the vsl

FrostyFrog Gaming says:

i just got a azodin blitz 3

Jakob Youtube says:

What should I get Dangerous power G5 or Mini GS

Chris Coca says:


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