U.S. Army Project Salvo by Tippmann Paintball Gun Review and Testing in HD

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Review of the U.S. Army Paintball “Project Salvo” Tippmann marker. This is an HD review of this paintball marker. This gun is so fun to hold and shoot. It makes you want to put on the GI Joe gear and go out in the woods. Scenario players will have a great time with this marker and it is priced surprising low for such a quality marker. I didn’t want to stop shooting it! Definitely a thumbs up… “HoooRaaaaa!” Check out the slow mo in the end.


Bury says:

Hooah is army 
Hoorah is marines 😛

David Contreras Flores says:

is this gun is compatible with the tac cap feed hooper??

Trey Ortega says:

Does the air tank get in the way of the stalk

Meta says:

Doesn’t look like it goes very far can someone tell me the range on it. I’m more of a aggressive support player.

Brendan Ahern says:

I know it can hit the water now thanks! How about a actual accuracy test or something useful!

Tyler Nadeau says:

is the marker any good for woodsball?

Frank Waler says:

urgh its a magazine not a clip

Christopher Sandoval says:

Can you use high pressure air or only CO2 for this gun

Carlos Nope says:

We all know this guy never shot a real ar 15 before and really into a pond thats kinda fucked up lol

unlabuntenga says:

Storage case!? Feed neck!? Why not magazine fed? You go through all the effort to make it realistic but then you put hopper on it and look at how he is holding the tank. Super slow fire rate to boot. I’m not impressed with the new Tippmann company.

Alex M says:

Was he shooting in a public park?

epb111 says:

is this gun, or the alpha black tactical, or the cronus better?

Jared Ocana says:

Kills 20+ fish

Winston Knight says:

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hate, but its called a magazine, not a clip.  They’re two different things… :/

David Navarro says:

Is this gun worth me buying? and does it go faster then that?

Faisal Hosein says:

Thanks for a demo of the stock salvo, searched forever for some footage without an auto response or electronic trigger modifier

Dead Hardrive says:

sorry dumb Question but is this a Electronic?

epb111 says:

do you recommend a gravity or electronic hopper for this

Henry Bowers says:

I think I meant oorah


Someone answer my questions to clear up my confusion. Do you need a gas tank for this gun? Do you need a paintball loader?

christopher fallon says:

I hated this gun it sucks it is too heavy and it sucks

D Book says:

Does this gun have full auto?

cuddley coyote says:

shooting paint into a pond……

jonathan bruenn says:

Which would you recommend: the project salvo, or the alpha black elite? I’ve heard the only difference is looks and I really like the looks of the tan salvo but I want to make sure I’m getting the better one.

Tony Santana says:

I love this gun i got one

Sean Foley says:

“They have really gone through a lot of lengths to make this look like a real military weapon” and still doesn’t

Riley Meagher says:

what hopper is recommended ?

Noah Brooks says:

lol. looks like a nerf recon barrel 

Omar Knight says:

the sights are almost purely for show, when you have a mask on your face it ends up being about a half an inch to an inch off the stock of the weapon, making it almost impossible to line up a shot with it. You can just see the direction the paintball is when it travels though so its not that big of a deal.


Orahh is for marines not the army

C S says:

hooah not hoorah

C S says:

clip really on a gun that part would be a magazine big difference between a clip and a mag

Average Spaceman says:

So im still iffy about buying this for woods ball now will this be too big to run with because i was thinking about this or the carver one or 98 custom can someone explain which is best for woodsball

Rafael Castello says:

with the stock and uses the fucking tank… why do you have a stock then?

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