Valken Blackhawk MFG Paintball Gun – Review

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Cole Dietrich says:


Ashraven PB says:

This is what the TMC should have been. A5 threaded, FSR ready, and its designed for a tank in stock setup (unlike the tmc’s tank in stock which is just a poorly designed afterthought)

kustomTooth says:

Not diggin that weird barrel mount quad rail.

JayceTeh Killa65 says:

Could you start doing more performance related videos, showing off the gun is nice, but i would like to see videos regarding accuracy tests to see if the gun would be something i may want

RawAffect says:


Ashraven PB says:

What is with paintball companies and the three character names for markers? TMC, NXT, SFT, RSX, XLS, CVO, MFG, PMR, LV1, CS1, DSR, DAM, TCR, SW1

Paintball FL says:


Bert439 says:

Yeah both companies are owned by GI Sports so why did they make this product?

Yolo 123 says:

Why did this video take so long

Andres Grave says:

How could you not tell us how many FS Rounds fit in that Magazin? !

Bruce Rawnsley says:

Where could somebody purchase extra magazines

tactical operator says:

Ugly marker

Dizzy says:

A5-thread you say? Is there any chance, or anywhere you could buy the barrel separately?

Faiz Lilaporia says:

Would buy if mags held more rounds

Jesus Martos says:

Do yourself a favor and buy a TMC ., I think is better

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