Valken Code Paintball Gun – Review

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Matthew trevino says:

would you recommend mini gs or the code

Gino Notarmuzi says:

what’s the thread of the barrel , so if I went to buy another barrel what would I choose so my thread would fit right ?

Norm Fernandez says:

Rory, I am recently new to paintball and I gotta tell you, you do a super job with your product reviews.  As an avid golfer for many years I love the gear aspect of the sport.  When I have an interest in acquiring more paintball gear you are my go to guy to learn about the product!  Excellent review on the Code by the way!  For $249, my teenage son will be playing this gun very soon!  I love my CS1 !!!!!

chasesf1 says:

i wonder how many pods it will get off a 48 4500…maybe 1 hopper, 3 pods and a couple of 10 round tubes? lol I like it though, as long as it dose not have any first shot drop off issues, I will def get one as a back up. Valken is legit!

Yung Cash Register says:

litterly just bought this thing a week ago I ran about 3 cases of paint into it and it started leaking like the proton it’s not a minor problem but it’s a good beginner gun for the price

Celestiiall says:

Can u answer how long the barrel is on the Valken Code

Brayan Barajas says:

can you run a 68/4500 tank

Cypher digital is my GT says:

Would u recommend a low pressure mid or high

Kristoffer Larsson says:

waay first

muscle vs tuners568 says:

can I use gold cup oil to lube the marker ?

Nota Marealname says:


Wg Tan says:

What’s the weight of this gun?

Valente LG says:

Which marker si better geo 2 or the marker of the video?

Nick Granitsas says:

can this run any type of tank?

Ashraven PB says:

Really hoping this will end up being a mini killer, but I am a little worried considering the proton tended to leak after half a case

EliteX Flaw says:

Finally. I’ve been waiting for this video.

Liam Snyder says:

which gun do you preferre the proto rize or the valken code. looking to get a new gun

FDSeoul San Diego says:

one of the better guns for 250 bucks, I just bought this as my backup gun. straight forward no BS unit.

maxxon99 says:

Kinda looks like Ion engine.

Cypher digital is my GT says:

Hi I was wondering what’s the psi on the code

OMGxGunner says:

ive gotten first on one of these a few days ago 😀

Jeff Pittman says:

picked one up at a big game weekend before last… took it out of the box… added air… paint… Ran a case of paint through it with no issues… This marker is just plain fun to shoot!

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