Base Goggle System Review – The NEW Best Paintball Mask Under $50!?

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Most of you have probably never heard Base, Base is Virtue’s low-end brand.

Overall I really like the Base, whether it’s in the single GS-F version or the GS-O thermal style. They are extremely breathable, easy to clean, come with great lenses and for the most part feel great.

My favorite mask at the Base GS-O price, is has to be the JT ProShield. The ProShield is quite a bit smaller though, something that doesn’t bother me, I’m not concerned with having tons of protection. The ProShield is more comfortable on the ears though, the GS might breath a bit better, the lenses are a nightmare to remove and and foam is not replaceable, but that added comfort does it for me.


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Adonis Zues says:

My ONLY real complaint is the discomfort in ears, have to wear a headband, which seems unneeded with the visor. Also wish the visor was removable. besides that, great coverage, lens are quality.

Nathaniel Esch says:

That masks looking really good to me! I kinda want one even though I have an i5

Jose T says:

Virtue Contour is my favorite mask as of now very comfortable

alex guiraud says:

Nice review ! With in plus Puscifer in the opening, what can we ask in plus ?

Matt McDaniel says:

Base mask isn’t that great we had proto types that was green and the paintball shot threw the plastic also the lense are junk they fog up.

Nick Smith says:

I’d just spend the extra money and buy something more like a profiler

Philip Given says:

Tons of typos in your description, you might want to fix.

Mitchell Birch says:

They almost look better than the vio. Bonus points for puscifer.

big bob says:

I love my empire x -ray 2.1

Michael Molo says:

There pods are legit.

Ismael Perez says:

8th comment

Ashraven PB says:

How are they with glasses? The three biggest complaints about the rentals masks at the field I work at are fogging, too large for children, and glasses won’t fit.

We usually keep a few helixes for smaller heads and people with glasses, but this seems like a better option

Caleb Will says:

I really love all your videos and thank you so much for all of the information. I am looking for a speed ball set up that allows me to shoot really fast in semi-auto (walk the trigger) but is around 250 dollars. What is the best speed ball set up for shooting fast under 300 dollars and one under 250? Also, will a regular gravity fed hopper with a shelf be able to feed fast enough to walk the trigger?

Eban Prado says:


Jesse Bairan says:

Reminds me of the Hawkeye mask by RAP4

orngdrnk says:

I have been find Grillz online for $54 new.

Will Stoller says:

I hope that these Base products end up getting bought by fields for rentals. Hopefully the fields would purchase the thermal lenses, but probably not. Maybe fields would sell the thermal lens masks.

I really like the ventilation on these. The ears might be a dealbreaker though. Maybe throwing some foam there could be a good user modification.

Mark ManGoneDad says:

Are the lenses fro the GS-F and the GS-O interchangeable?

alfred L says:

looks cool good price i like it

KarlEller says:

BASE also make pods, and they’re pretty nice from what I’ve seen of them. 150 balls vs standard 140, really nice build quality, a little bit of foam in the lid like the Carbon pods. Waiting for my store to get some more in stock so I can buy 5-10 and try them out.

Karson Creed says:

I just looked at that!

Its always fun Time says:

wow, lens changing is the easiest I’ve seen so far. It looks jjust as big and has the same ventilation as my Vio Extend. Everybody love the dye i5 for some reason, but the ventilation sucks on them and a bit too narrow so its a hassle to wear with glasses.

Justa Loser says:


Angelo Grimaldo says:

Your description has a whole bunch of typos, still put a like though

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