Best Paintball Mask Under $100, NXL Europe Ranking & Best Carbon Fiber Barrel – Paintball QT

NoahDBoss – Does NXL Europe use the U.S. ranking system? – Yep, NXL Europe will be using the APPA ranking system and scoring system. Good news as it has always been very weird when US players go play in Europe for just one event. If you were an American pro and went to Europe you could play any division you wanted, because you were not ranked in Europe. So It is good for people that have the correct APPA ranking.

Lucas Vadas – What are some of the best masks under $100? – My Favs are: VForce Grill, VForce Profiler, JT ProFlex, JT ProShield, Empire E-Flex and the Virtue VIO Ascend.

Fallon Ball – Really wanting to get a carbon fiber barrel, which would you recommend? – Depends on what you want. If you want super lightweight go with the the Deadlywind Null Fibur. Also look at the Deadlywind Fibur-X, GoG Carbon Freak and the Planet Eclipse FL.

➖ Barrel and Masks In This Video➖
VForce Grill ➡
VForce Profiler ➡
JT ProFlex ➡
JT ProShield ➡
Empire E-Flex ➡
Virtue VIO Ascend ➡
Deadlywind Null Fibur ➡
Deadlywind Fibur-X ➡
GoG Carbon Freak ➡
Planet Eclipse FL ➡


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Dulliest says:

I brought a brand new Empire EVS on Ebay for $80, a lot of my gear is from ebay and I usually save up to 40% compared to reg shops. Just takes a bit tho.

Ryan Miller says:

Can you make a video on tuning spool and poppet markers?

SnPe_Skinzy says:

Any suggestions on what barrel I should get for the planet eclipse gtek??

Zachary Barrios says:

#PBQT Is it okay to leave your tank inside your gun after you’re done playing as long as you have an ON/OFF ASA?

Joseph Arana says:

Should I buy the Empire Mini GS? I’ve played paintball a couple of times and I fell in love with the sport. People have said I have natural talent for paintball from what they’ve seen. Are the $300 worth it?

Gavin Briones says:

#Pbqt What would be the best padding for kids

BNKR King says:

I don’t know if to get a Dye M2 or a Planet Eclipse GEO CS1. Any suggestions?

Taj Nuggets says:

Push unite or dye i5 #PBqt

Kevin Wich says:

I’m an intermediate player looking to upgrade form a blitz that I’ve had for a couple years now. I was almost on the axe 2.0 but my local field also had a couple axe pros that are used, but in good shape, for the same price as a new axe 2.0. Which would you recommend? I have a rotor and an empire 68/4500 if that has any bearing on your answer.

joey 23 says:

Can you do tippman A5 please

DRoPGOD13 says:

Hey Brad, could you please please do a info video or review on Empire Sniper

Blurred Overwatch says:

Hey, just saw your store for the first time. Bought a speedfeed, thx for letting me hold a empire axe 2.0, great video I’m getting a better mask soon so thank you for the info. I love this series keep up the great work

ProthoPectore says:

all these fancy new barrels and barrel kits. what if i already have a nice 1 piece barrel sized .689 and i’m on a real tight budget? what 2nd one piece 14″ barrel should i get? should it be smaller than a .684? smaller than .680? i’m older school enough to where i dont like inserts or exchangeable backs. i just like a good one piece.

V8 AMG577 says:

#PBQT What are the best and most practical mods for a woodsball player?

Cobie Wilson says:

Need some help man! I am wanting to get into paintball but all the guns I have to use are hand-me-downs from my older brothers who played in the late 90’s through mid 2000’s. A few dye dm5’s and a few pm5’s and some Autocockers. I don’t have much experience so can you help me know how to get these things shooting? Thank you.

astupidalpaca says:

#PBQT There are so many greases made by so many company’s which is the best?

Flavio Sias says:

What magazine couplers or magazine accessories would you recommend for the Tippmann TMC?

Lucas Vadas says:

Which is better? The dye Proto rize maxxed or the Empire mini gs? I’ve been thinking about which one to get.

Sonar assassin says:

Tipx or t8.1 or the new FSC

pinkpeople1 0 says:

#pbqt i just started paintball and i have an old 2007 matrix rail, a carbon fiber tank, a viewloader vvlocity and vforce grills for $220 on ebay. What do you recommend I get next (gun,hopper, mask,tank)my budget is 1000 thanks!

Evan Tellalian says:

#pbqt. The older guys at my rec field keep destroying me with their fancy high-tech guns while I only have an a5. What can I do to try to contest against the expensive guns and gear?
(Trying to stay on a $150 budget)

Derrickm02 says:

#PBQT i can never get good accuracy in the winter, i use c02, is that the problem. And also, is all the white dust shooting out of my barrel decreasing accuracy as well? Im pretty sure its just some frozen form of c02?

TheJadeRabbit Kid says:

You what’s funny
My friend got paintball gear and his dad made him get a full head empire mask, a neck protector and a cup

epic unicorn says:

#pbqt what is a good 2 piece barrel for the azodin kaos 2

MegaDeforest says:

If you had to make a beginners set up and you only had 200 dollars what would it be

ChillassMoe says:

fallow me back on IG !! (:

Nico Albano says:

Best pants under 100$

Cyzic Chaos says:

#PBQT What’s going on with the whole Spicka, short, and ironmen thing.

Daniel Craig says:

please stop talking like that..that intro is so cringey

Noble C says:

Can you make a video on the setup for a beginner electronic gun

Ben G says:

What is the best new mechanical marker? Or best mechanical marker over $500. #PBQT
Do you think that the Planet Eclispe G-Mek will be as good as an autococker?

Krash845 says:

best $100 mask…..Dye/ Proto Axis


What is the best A5 threaded barrel in your opinion for best velocity#pbqt

Taj Nuggets says:

Push unite or dye i5

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