BunkerKings CMD Review: Another Top Paintball Mask?

➖Masks In This Video ➖
BunkerKings CMD ➡ https://www.bunkerkings.com/collections/goggles
Push Unite ➡ https://amzn.to/2SHjsBZ
Empire E-Flex ➡ https://amzn.to/2RxX6pc
Empire EVS ➡ https://amzn.to/2RAaetD
JT ProFlex ➡ https://amzn.to/2SHtRNR

The BunkerKings CMD (Command), is BunkerKings first attempt at a big product. They have made pants, packs, and other various softgoods, but this is there first attempt at a complicated product.

To help soften the blow, BunkerKings opted to go with an already established lens system, the system that is found on all the Virtue masks.

Since the natural comparison is between the Virtue mask and the BunkerKings CMD, I’m going to compare them lots in this. Ever since I got mine, I have been flooded with questions about the two.

So how does the CMD stake up to masks from Virtue, Push, Empire, Dye and HK Army?


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rizodinho says:

Breathability is key for me! I feel like HK just ignored breathability

Paintball Guy says:

First, Love the Video man! keep it up!!!

Pwnage PB says:

I haven’t seen the comment yet like Brad said so…. What about getting paint in your mouth?!

Paulie Force says:

Wouldn’t have paid more than $89. Glad I got in last minute for the kick starter. Look like they are going to be comfortable. I’ve tried a majority of the new masks and can’t find anything that stands up to the pro/E flex.

Nathan Werts says:

Can you remove the visor on it?

hyphy geezy says:

Major click bait..a 3d printer for 200. Ill take 3

Jason Walker says:

Proflex 4life, yo

Jager Bomber says:

Great video Brad and a nice look at those two masks. Always stoked when I see a new video from your channel.

Cameron Aguirre says:

Solid review as always Brad nice work.

Josh Stone says:

Very happy to see you making content again. I’ve got a few bounces off my proflexes, although the last one bounced off and broke on my neck.

inVIcious says:

so glad i jumped the gun and funded the kickstarter for $89

Sosa Baby says:

My boy brad does the best reviews, that Genesis intro is fire

Random Hero says:

Lol I love your response to the paint in the mouth gripe.

This mask looks really nice!! Looks like a nice amount of flex on the rubber. Not too soft so that paintballs are smackin your lip lol.

aimeagle says:

They sure look neeto lol. I’ll keep my flex/eflex and my profilers

Alfonso Ramirez says:

Finally! Can’t wait for mine!

Riley Mckegg says:

Cant wait to get mine! Glad I got to see what comes with the sucker tentacles. Love the custom mask bags!

Pat Latreille says:

You forgot to mention the wider strap and mini visor. Keep in mind the Virtue is in fact manufacturing the mask so quality is top notch

Joey Buffone says:

Love your vids

Fredrick Fitzgerald says:

awesome video brad!

Cool_boy07911 says:

Im over here trying to clean my screen, but then I realized that your desk is dirty. Lmao 2:48


Great production value dude. This is a perfect review.

Matt D says:

I’ll keep it ol school & stick to my Pro Flex for half the price.

Spunker says:

Brad, you still owe me $10 for lunch

Carson The Dork says:

Soooo… They are basically a colorful and more expensive version of my ascends.

Ricky. G says:

The ascend mask is wide at first but tends to shrink in after time .

Jstew Productions says:

Profilers 4 life motto continues on.

Vy Vu says:

cant wait for mines to come in!

Franco Baggage says:


Bob Lee says:


hitokirix101 says:

Nice I can’t wait for my Supreme Gold mask to arrive, kinda gutted I didn’t get a master sarge one as well

Cristian Castro says:

Loved the production overall on this video.

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