Does it Suck? – Save Phace Paintball Mask Ep. 13 – 4K

Does the Save Phace Paintball Mask suck? Check out this video to find out.

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Mr. NoName says:

Do a does it suck on the paintball gas mask look alike

GollumsFish says:

Fit is going to depend on the person’s face. But yeah, this line has never been breathable. The main reason to use the Save Phace line is for costume purposes. Like if you want your whole team running around in cool skull heads or something. Style is really the only reason to go with this line I can think of.

lava lupus says:

the covers are if you dont want anything going in
dont see why but im guessing it is so

Da Coconut says:

Had one as my first mask it sucked but it looked pretty cool

Clorox Bleach says:

Wait are you tootall?

Juan Winner says:

the covers are to cover the mouth area so you are not tasting paint when you get it in the face. lol

PB& Jean says:

I have one of those. The X Ray skull one. 3-5/10 can make it to 6-7/10 with a good lenses


You called your own team mates hit. Maybe you should ref.

Nick Kadman says:

Do a review on the push unite paintball mask!!

hellspawn airsoft says:

The vent covers are for airsoft, because the bbs will go through the vents

Kyle van Oudheusden says:

2:43 It’s Slim!!

Mythic says:

Amazing overview! 😀

Yuval Hermelin says:

I don’t understand why people play realistic looking paintball (ie: Real looking guns and gear). Might as well play airsoft, a cheaper alternative that is actually supposed to look realistic, bullets travel much, much faster, and has much more customizability.

K1NG says:

I see so many people at these crappy masks at living legends

Robert Whitstone says:

At PRZ in Picton O_o if soo trippy

Clorox Bleach says:

At 2:50 Alabaster slim is there. I remember the video he made of this game

cod PlAyZ says:

The vent covers are so if u get blasted in the face the paint or not as much paint doesn’t get inside the mask, so u don’t swallow the paint or just get paint on your face in general.

Pierre Roy says:

Should have got a speedball gun and just shot it

Dylan Arvin says:

Do a does it it suck jt raptor

Matthew Wong says:

Hey, what are u wearing on your body thats holding the airtank and mag?

Nick Kadman says:

Do a review on the push unite paintball mask!!

Devin B says:

I have one of these and I like it better than my other masks

Xosadz z says:

What kind of gun did u use in the game

The Random Potato says:

for does it suck

Xenocyde0 says:

wait where is the field you were at?

jmoneyy1984 says:

Your beard is covered in fecal matter and other bacteria you hipster tool. Get a clue.

Ender Bartnik says:

Is this an m17????? It seems way quieter than my T15, I wish mine was that quiet :'(…

Shattucknick says:

I know something unique for this series. The warp feed. Might be hard to track one down but it is a really interesting product designed to put your hopper lower and “out of the way.”

Atlas says:

This mask is a piece of shit. The foam in mine came apart after one year and I only used it once. I called the company and they refused to help me out and did absolutely noting for me.

BerryB says:

Alex looks sexy with gear on

The Random Potato says:

can you do the spyder victor plz next month

Snow Leopard says:

These masks fucken suck! I paid $130 for a custom one and it was complete trash, fogged up like crazy and didn’t even fit right on my face, trash!

Lee Fox says:

What gun was he using?

Russell Bried Jr says:

that mask sucks, it fogs so much

joseph melchor says:

I had one, I got shot in the face one time and the echo and pop from the ball hitting it made my ears ring

megatron .1 says:

what gun do you use

Handsome Jack says:

can i use a FAST helmet with it?
i havent seen any other cheap streamlined mask here

Brad says:

Sly Profit. Does it suck?

Daniel Peer says:

I have one and have used it several times. I can hardly breath in it… not enough airflow. It is a disadvantage to have a mask that hard. Breaking balls.

Emilo says:

For me this mask looks like shit, for the same price you can get a Jt proflex or Vforce profiler

---ElectroMan--- says:

Please do a review on the “outdoor black paintball airsoft full face protection templar mask” (google that it comes right up!) I think it would be funny to review!

KudaTheNerd says:

I think it’s a good cheap mask if you don’t have enough money for a 100$ dye mask

Mcbear 291 says:

I use to have this mask… Got it cheap and cuz it looked cool… It SUCKS. THE most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn.

scott mohr says:

Worst mask ever ruins like 3 years worth of paintball lol

Buttstinky says:

I use the red one. It’s not that bad, besides the fact that it fogs up like a motherfucker! but I would like to upgrade to a dye i5.

Damon Doph says:

I run this and honestly hardly ever have issues. I’ve played with it for years now. I understand its not for everyone, but I got mine cheap and I can’t complain honestly, plus the one I have is badass and I get compliments on it all the time. Definitely not a mask you should switch to if you have something like empire or dye, but its definitely a reasonably good mask.

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