Dye Axis Pro Paintball Mask – Review

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TronChris Vs Gaming says:

Add 2 water proof round speakers on the sides it’s a gas mask

Aaron D'Angelo says:

Dye rebranded their old Proto Axis Pro from 09, Dye owns Proto anyways, and are selling it for more than when it came out.. wow

Super says:

How well does this fit with people who wear glasses?

Amadio Ramirez says:

would you recommend this over the vforce grill?

TronChris Vs Gaming says:

Would love these

shady snake paintballer says:

How much

Josh Ellington says:

No offense but maybe practice with the mask or record a couple takes prior to recording. Watching you fumble with a mask is time I can’t get back. LOL

Popojijo's paintball says:

Looks like a odst mask !:D

Fuego As Flames says:


Destiny Maverick says:

so its my axis mask with the “legacy cut” which we all did then with soft ears added? pretty sweet!

paintslinger 104 says:

this video should have been titled “how to remove/install lenses”

shady snake paintballer says:

And yeah how long is shipping for u guys

Leo Zodiac says:

First comment

Jacob Luna says:

at that price point why would anyone buy this

Callsign Crispy says:

Kinda looks like the i3

Viral Ei says:

Can i buy the lense separate?

Ollie says:

2nd comment

Cesar Paz says:

Also looks like the dye i3s

Anthony Rios says:

Proto switch is a lot faster to break down and resemble

heh lawf says:

LOL why does Rory look to the left as if someone is there? gave me a chuckle

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