DYE i4 Goggle & Mask | Airsoftology Review

Official Airsoftology product review on the DYE i4 Goggle & Mask.
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DyeCam – http://bit.ly/Dye_i4_DyeCam
Black & Gold – http://bit.ly/Dye_i4_BlackandGold

We’re taking a look at the most recognizable mask in airsoft and examining the Dye i4 in this episode of Airsoftology reviews.

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Terri Heft says:

You understand Jonathan that this mask was a paintball mask before it was even considered an airsoft masks

kil296ler says:

What’s wrong with speed softing

Food 2411 says:

Jonathan, do you know if they have these or something like this just in goggles so you can run a lower face mask if needed? Also do you think a mesh goggles would be a good investment?

Matt Heil says:

Can i wear this mask if i use glasses?

RaceCarDiary says:

hard to aim down a red dot

localjedi says:

Probably can’t wear this mask with a helmet, can you? Does anybody have experience with this? Does any kind of helmet fit?

Ted Sweeney says:

I love my dye, I am never going back to any other eye pro

Jagger _2V says:

I wanna get a pair since my lancer tactical goggles doesn’t work with my glasses and I was wondering if these would work with glasses

Kevin Final Fight AS says:

Any chance you could get a hold of the SRU PDW KIT and review it?

Darien says:

I just bought a dye i4 mask and I can’t even look down my sights…. And in other videos I see people looking down sights perfectly…. How can I fix this?

Sugar Man says:


Pierre R says:

I traded my goggles and mesh mask for my gold and black dye i4 in perfect condition lol what a deal

Nick M says:

BTW. The profiler is also awesome. IT HAD NEVER FOGGED ON ME. NEVER. I play in 90 degree weather and sweat like bullets. Buy the vforce profiler if ur on a budget. Its more than half the price of the i4 and its just as good.

Mário Branco says:

Well, no mask gets you rid from the fog, but I have ZERO fog with Bollé X800 googles. Even with my bonnie not letting proper vent on top.

avshutsach says:

Not to mention the box is a great way to display it



Robert Alvarado says:

Polerstar or umbrella armories

Andrew Wakley says:

Speedsoft is fun as do the switch

Khalel Bizhanov says:

Optics *ARE* a problem. When I tried to use my acog, I could only see very little through it, because I wasn’t close enough with my eye but the protecting lens was literally touching the acog.

Drxus says:

Is there anyone that is willing to sell their dye i4 used, it’s a bit hard for me to afford a dye i4 brand new that costs 120$+

BLINDMAN Paintball says:

How often should the lens be changed?

Máté Boa says:

I just bought it, AWESOME mask.

Cyber Mane says:

That looks like a very interesting mask, a little bulky in my opinion but I’m curious to try one of those out.

Fathead Flinders says:

nobody uses these in the UK unless youre playing at speedsoft sites. Never seen one of these before.

Food 2411 says:

Also the only thing that seems bad to me is the price, because if I get this I will have to wait like 2 months and then like another month to even be able to play or I might try to get it for my B-Day which is coming up in October!!!


I have the dye se

TJ Baltazar says:

Will, we need these!

Vlogging Around says:

nice shirt bro!

Beowulf 95 says:

Actually I don’t think anybody at my local fields wears one. I’d say it’s because the price, us Irish like things that are budget friendly 😉 And then there’s me that wants to put a daytona system in a Vietnam style M16 XD But i have no money and i have to get the uniform and gear first :/ and I’d have to get the WE GBB M16 because I have a JG one and apparently you need the body of a GBB now and if I can get one that can either ship to Ireland or can be bought in Ireland its going to cost me over 400 euro and then another like 470 euro for the daytona system and it’s all money money money and I don’t have any :/

Knock Em Down Airsoft says:

One Tigris Half foldable mesh mask adds more camouflage and is by far the best mask for perfect cheek weld. Also having a mask built into goggles will essentially destroy any chance of you drinking water during a game.

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