Dye i5 Paintball Goggle Review

Ask questions about the new Dye i5 here in the thread: http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=5401042

Shooting video wearing Dye i5: http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=5403986

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Sam Duffy says:

They were getting murdered by the Vio’s so they copied them lol

litabears says:

i am a girl…. i am looking for a mask…i want it to cover my full face(coverage wise) any recommendations? would the dye 4 or 5work?

Dylan Meyers says:


Matthew Bringle says:

Great video

Priorcore says:

omg I met you at the memphis paintball park

Owen Gomez says:

Hopefully new grillz will come out

Andrew Blizard says:

Hey John, have you been shot in the ratcheting strap? It looks to me like it would be a pain to clean around the adjustment dial.

Grizzly123_ says:

I want

Jacob Adams says:

Can you say how it compares in size to a Vio Contour and Vio Extend?

Cdogg2001 says:


Gods 5th Son says:


SSniper14 PB says:

so the i5s are basically the equivalent to the vio extended/ascend.

Stephen says:

Want. That. Jersey.

burgerkillsyou says:

to the people that say the I5 is too similar to the I4, why fix what’s not broken?

SGsixSTRING says:

Could it be? am I first?

Paintball mag says:


Lmn 07 says:


Jizzy Coast says:

i4 looks better. I3 is still the best goggles

Jackson Winkler says:

How much does it cost?

Justin Hilton says:

I really like it, but man that rear strap is so thick. I think they should of made it smaller.

Jack Graham says:

your voice was more clear with the i4s

kiraanimerawr1 says:

Does this mean i4’s are going to be cheaper now? haha………… I have a tiny head (female), so those goggles fit me perfectly.

abel N says:

does the ear protection come down a bit further then the EVS?

Issay Romo says:

I cannot help but see how the “strap” looks a bit funny. However I am willing to buy definitely to replace my very old Sly Profit. 😉

happy dawg says:

this, klr, or evs?

Joel Williams says:

looks very comfortable

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