Dye i5 Paintball Mask – Review

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Garrett Applegate says:

Rory followed me on instagram… probably fake…

Aidan Schmitt says:

they look really sweet i4s are bad ass, i just have too long of a face for them. these look like they will fit me perfect. debating whether to get these or evs, will find out soon once i get a chance to try these on.

Paintball mag says:

Basically vios.

TheAllied Spy says:

I5 Dyecam with smoke lens would be BALLIN

Ed.0xHeat says:

2:11 he sounds like a donkey

StrafeinqSloth says:

like if youre a dye fanboy

cmskater420 says:

i4 looks way cooler

J mikk says:

Wish I could have one….. just doesn’t fit my budget

baronvonmemebones says:

is that the bronze fire lense on the i5?

Sugar Sugar says:



are these one-size-fits-all unisex? looking to buy one for lady. thx
could be the best pb mask ever.

Cloud155 says:

i have no mask, i want those cool thermal masking thing

Migs15 says:

i want it

Anthony Izquierdo says:


Serpa says:

they look amazing

Morgan Phillips says:

could this be used effectively for airsoft? A few masks made for paintball don’t really cross over well because you can’t look down your sights properly – think this would be a problem with the i5?

Chels Thiruselvam says:

Rory, once again, you’re the best man!

heyyy1w4 says:

Do the i5’s fit small faces?

JakobV says:

do u ship to scandinaivia

TheHDPhantom says:

I’m still trying to figure out the size comparison for these vs a pair of Eflex’s, I am looking to get a new mask but just don’t know about these, I’ve loved the look but with me being a larger guy (6’0 250) the eflex fits my face, with the new and improved size on the i5’s would they fit properly? the eflex is still large on me

Youdonta Needtaknowa says:

Paintball is still around? Its completely dead in my area, has been for years now.

TheRealShinigami says:

i like the innovations but the vents in the front just soo damn ugly

gabriel galvan says:

is there a mount option for the top of the mask without using an aftermarket part?

John Mccolm says:

are they going to do upgrade chip for dye dam or just m2

Jonas irvine says:

do i5’s use i4 lenses

happy dawg says:

im getting these cant wait

jpemile says:

I don’t get why no company cares about top mounting action cameras. Clearly Dye did that to accommodate Wolf but I definitely think that top mounting + a gun cam is a better setup.

NovaVortexx says:

Would you recommend the empire EVS thermal or the dye i5

ReaperMana 007 says:


Ottalauss says:

My girlfriend is compact and tight. Guess she is an I5.

NoVa FlaiiR says:

what color is the lens

Keiran W says:

Would these fit someone that has a long nose (someone being me)?

oldham9633 says:

How do they compare to virtue vio extended on the jaw line?

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