Dye Invision i4 Paintball/Airsoft Mask Review

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Lost Fear says:

You say your worried about your teeth but surely a bb can go through those vents…

Bulwark1911 says:

Get different sights ?

Giacomo Grenside says:

(Damn hit the done button by mistake) anyways they should go and see the Mitch helmet integrated face mask that revision is developing for the us army

Tito Guerrero says:

Question, I have heard nothing but great reviews on this mask, but I’m wondering if it functions well with a fast helmet with over the ear communications unit Z-Tactical Z111, can you answer that for me?

EliteManiac5000 says:

Just ordered one

Justin Tong says:

you took a long time to get to the mask

skymcdonps3 says:

Washington yes they are but they shatter and some fields don’t allow them

Bro Brah says:

can you aim down sights, m4 specifically

James Adams says:

Don’t worry it will protect u from a bb

Ben Segal says:

The reason why it is so small in the chin area is because, in a competitive paintball game (which this mask was designed for) players need to have strong communication throughout the field and call out positions.

Eric Dueck says:

what is wrong with the low neck line, wear a scarf or superlong hat

Nicktacular 234 says:

that mask looks bad ass

Kevin Boke says:

never heard of riser? or offset? one or both of these would raise your scope high enough from the rail.
but what do I care…

Psycareyo's Garage says:

What’s the primary color of the dyecam? I’m colorblind so I can’t tell if it’s a lighter green or a tan based color.

Ryan Collamore says:

Does any one know the fps rating for this mask I don’t want to pay a lot of this mask if the lens crack……. First game with a valken mi7 was cracked with a 380 fps .25 for 30 feet 2 rounds hit the same area

Ton says:

if using sights is a problem, just get a riser.

Michael Myers says:

This isn’t for air soft idiot, air soft masks are gay that doesn’t mean you can turn to paintball mask because you dont like your gay ass air soft gear

Kafko says:

As soon as I saw the comic sans font on the thumbnail, I knew this video had to be terrifying…

ShootAirsoftVideos says:

as you can see in my profile i have one and they are great for paintball and airsoft. there could easily be a very advantage to airsoft if they modify the vents on the front. the could replace them with mesh alloying more airflow. this works will if used in airsoft because you don’t have to worry about paint. if used with paintball you would end up with a face full of paint and that’s no fun. this modification could be done at home as will you would need to cut out the two  vents and replace them with mesh. i rather wish that DYE would be smart about this and create the same mask with this modification in mind and they would sell extremely will in the airsoft world. even so i do recommend this consider they will not fog up like other mask i have used in the pass. 

Airsoft Tactial Squad™ says:

totally agree with full face for all events, after you have taken a hit to the lip, ear or face all you people complaining about this will have a different view. type in airsoft injuries on youtube and look at some of the footage.. it will make you think twice about only using glasses. as for fogging, any decent mask should not fog. ive got a $50 mask and never fogged, even when its raining and humid (florida). our field rule: under 18 have to wear full face protection, no exceptions.

Dylan Simpkins says:

Really I am 11 and I don’t were a full face mask I were a goggles and lower face mask

Jeff Swanson says:

Sir, you are awesome. This if the first video I could find of this mask where the reviewer actually shouldered a gun with the mask on and gives a good overall picture of how well it works with some lower profile sight/high profile stock combinations.

Garret McAndrews says:

I find it funny how he says I only have one complaint but he made 4 complaint this guy is dumb

Austin Miller says:

possibly but chances are slim

TwitchTheTerrible says:

I think me and you once got into an argument on Full Face protection once a long time ago on the NCairsoft forums, glad to see you finally came around. Keep spreading the good word and lets keep everyone with both eyes and all their teeth -Twitch

SilverStripe82 says:

Been using my Dye i4 for past couple of years and it’s great for paintball and for Airsoft CQB. Only downside is fogging up after playing outside for a few hours. Agree with masks, always wear a mesh lower face mask. Other half didn’t wear enough protection and got a round in the face. Lol my best mate legs it across the field yelling for me! Wasn’t impressed with the player who did it. When I marshal now I enforce the need for the full face mask. But if they sign the paperwork and risk a hit!

spencer bancroft says:

Hey crazyNCman your dumb

Giacomo Grenside says:

Lol all these guys saying the real military doesn’t use full face masks should

Stuart says:

do you know if the dye website ships to canada and btw i think they look badass

Andrew Dominguez says:

Shmags shmAgs
The fuck ahahahaha

datstuff says:

How much does it cost?

Marty B says:

Will bbs go through the mouth grill

Jayson Nieto says:

do u know any mask for me becuase I wear glass

hunter hansroth says:

I don’t get it! You stupid airsofters say that paintball is gay and for sissies but you always use our gear, funny how that works.

babarrukus RuKKuS says:

He said “You will look uber cool”. Lmfao what a tool!!!!

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