Empire EVS Paintball Mask HUD Display – First Look

The Empire EVS mask featuring a HUD display has been the most talked paintball product this year. Winning an award for the best new wearable at this years Consumer Electronics Show is definitely an amazing accomplishment.

We were able to get our hands on this awesome new product. Check out this video as we go over all the paintball specific features of the HUD display.

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Videography & Editing done by Garner L


DaSwanDoesGamesz says:

hey, can you make an update vid for when these hit the shelves? I would also like to know the average battery life.

James Votaw says:

how much is the mask….I’m thinking about getting it for me and I’ve been getting my girlfriend into paintball as well and was thinking about getting her one to so I can help her when she need me

B00TT3R _ says:


Hiroshi Ryu says:

does it come in full cover as in full cover of the head?
if so i’m defiantly getting this for my team

Grim Reaper says:

Can map’s like Google Earth or my map’s be used


Don’t get this one. Those little red hook pieces squeeze and dig into ur temple.

Derrick Lewis says:

@Defcon Paintball Gear- Are only empire markers compatible with the HUD?
If not, what other markers are usable?

swimmer8585 says:

I don’t see too much use of this on a speedball field. maybe in a woodsball or scenario game, but not a speedball game

iron golem 101 says:

Put go pro on marker, see while blindfiring. good thing its $500

Frank M says:

how do you connect this to your gun
and what guns does it work with

Magfed Michigan says:

well done. Nice review

Hutch TahFack says:

this is the worst and most moronic/useless idea in the world…I am still going to buy this shite anyways because why the hell not :p

IronLordSaint14 says:

I probably dont want to know the price for this

Owenrobot says:

I’m glad it has a heads up display display

Ondrej Ďurík says:

useless distraction

its Rex says:

Came out today!

SilverDragon893 says:

4:47 for optimal sex performance information

Fluffy Ninja Menace says:

Have they indicated what Markers will get HUD Display support?

thatboy353 says:

Where Can I buy this? Couldn’t find it on your website or empires.

cellophanezebra says:

wait where the fuck is the hud?…………………wait is it the smallest fucking thing on the bottom right………………..what a useless peace of shit

Rustyfilms says:

very very cool

MaximFic says:

I play airsoft and I was wondering if the mask is able to fit under a helmet like a fast helmet. Please respond looking to buy this

Check my channel it'z SWOOSH says:

Foo Fighters!!!

Roby Starks says:

It sounds cool but i think youd be wasting your money on that dont believe its worth it.

Killer Tails12 says:

If this was included into airsoft. Dude this would be banned in some parts of airsoft.

James Harris says:

How does this mask gather the information from the gun?

CM_Paintball&Fishing says:

The “D” in HUD already stands for “display”

xeno cyde says:

Welp found my new mask

Derrick Lewis says:

@ Defcon Paintball Gear- what markers are compatible with the H.U.D.?

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