Empire EVS Paintball Mask – Review

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mydixierekt says:

The i4’s are better

MiamiOle says:

Man, those lenses look like a pain to replace.

Daniel Wilson says:

I can buy one right now

S.T. A.R.S. says:

Постоянно будешь кушать краску в этой маске и большая доля вероятности, что осколки могут повредить губы и подбородок, если шары будут прилетать в область рта…

LastReloadz says:

When can I order a smoked lens? I just noticed that it didn’t come standard with the smoke, should have read better. So that being said when and where can I get a dark lens for my EVS?

Brian Vinci says:

How would the fit compare to the i4 or vio

ricky lin says:

How much does it cost

Paul Erhart says:

Paul from Empire Paintball with a few clarifications on this nice video from Rory and ANS.  The goggle does come within the goggle bag, which reduces any chances of scratching the lens during transit.  The tray in the box keeps the shape of the ear pieces while the EVS is stored within the box, whether in transit from the factory/Empire or sitting on shelves.  The ear pieces do not need to be removed to remove the lens, you can just turn the dials and remove the lens and then reverse the process for installation.

Luxy's Edits says:

just wondering if anyone knows if this offers a little more protection around jaw and chin compared to the dye i4

knightwng 52 says:

o ok thank you

obando guerrero says:

Help me out I am deciding what mask to buy the v force grill joker. O the evs empire carbon. Which one is better. Thank you

Jose Ibarra says:


Calvin loney says:

says its comfortable but he didn’t even have foam in. lol

Thomas Kelley says:

These lenses are impossible to change bro lol

IAmTheFatman666 says:

How much does it weigh? Sounded heavy when you put it down, and it looks like it had heft to it.

Jackson Memo a says:

I wanna lick Rory’s head…

KermitTheFrogman says:

I have thick framed glasses, is there enough space in there for them to fit??

tobias hauck says:

i wear glasses and my i4 isn’t that good for it. is there enough room for wearing glasses?

MilkMyMinstrels ! says:

I prefer the i4’s

Valienx says:

Hey guys how do this mask compares to the i4s? In terms of overall face coverage?? Is it the same? I use the vio extend cuz my face its pretty big.. I4s are a no no the barely fit my face

Chewy says:

rip headphone users

TrueForest says:

Interested in getting this, i would like to eventually get the HUD for it, can the HUD be sold separately ?

Paul Radovich says:

So, is there an ETA finally?

knightwng 52 says:

can it come in black and red ?


That field of view sounds awesome… I also like the foam and how easy it is to replace

Kevin Nguyen says:

is it shipping with the smoke lense or clear lense?

matt k says:

I wanted to get one so bad but can’t justify the cost but I really don’t want to wait to get one. Just got a new pair of grillz instead. Was tired of my old mask

Chuck Teez says:

That masks is shit

Gianluca Bazzoli says:

Can i play softair with this?

Para Plays says:

could i wear this for airsoft? would visor crack>?

Icachowda says:

Damn, and I just bought some Proflexes off you guys.

barrel tag paintball says:

why did they up the word empire sticking out of the foam. if you have the mask on for a long time when you take it of you are going to have the word empire imprinted on your head.

Dan t says:

The accent color looks yellow. Is this the black/gold shown on the website?

Gabriel Vintimilla says:

lense change is a chore…pass. love the design but ill pick the vforce grill anytime of the day.

Lliu Snow says:

Who else cringed at 1:06 when the screeching plastic sound starts?

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