Empire EVS Review. Best Paintball Mask Ever?

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Aaron Kuras says:

gratuitous leg tattoo shot framing 😉

Brent Soule' says:

Pls help Gtek or axe pro same price brand new, I don’t want to waste monet

Young Cocaine says:

qmto isnt empire sponsored

Chuck Teez says:

Rsx shocker or gtek 160r?

Ethyn Santos says:

Good video jake! Might look into buying these

Paintball Fan says:

how would you compare the EVS and the I5 when it comes to FOV? getting my first mask and it’s down to I5 or EVS.

Ryan Shafer says:

The tattoo combined with crossed legs made me think you had a nub leg for a second.

Cesar Paz says:

good goggle for people with glasses , other than that its eh

Most Hated says:

would you guys recommend a dye dm15 or macdev clone 5

Isaac Pacheco says:

I’m 5’10 and weigh 175 pounds.

I’m real skinny, but I have a pretty full face for someone my physic… On top of that, my face is pretty long, and I know I have a big head because if I grab anybody’s hat off their heads that hat never fits me. lol

I ordered this in hopes that it’ll make a good mask for me… The I5, my brother recently purchased one, didn’t fit me at all; too small.

Risk says:

I bet the 1 dislike is from Empire

Logan Pons says:

EVS is the space mans mask

Grant w says:

I wear a backwards hat it stops the wobble

Isaac Bergen says:

U should do a i5 review

Infinite Paintball says:

Are you guys still accepting footage for the community channel?

AOD Paintball says:

I find the foam fine,like it could be better.the EVS is pretty big too,mine fits well,but someone smaller would have issues.the side of the mask is flexible as hell on the sides,I take bounces of my face all the time

A Sorto says:

What are your thoughts on the macdev drone 2 I was thinking about getting that or a shocker for a bit more. Which would you go with?

Electromo says:

For a bigger head like myself would a VIO extend be better than the EVS? I thought the EVS would of been a good choice for my face but after watching this I am now very uncertain. Anyone want to confirm that or recommend another mask? I’ve had a sly profit and that fits just barley.

Garrett Applegate says:

I’m 12 and the i4’s don’t show my jaw line meaning my head is smaller and the EVS is giant so do you think it would fit? The nose looks so spread from the forehead

Hazard Outdoors says:

Nice video insanity!!

Dzeledon Zeledon says:

I like review, I have huge head and glasses. The mask fit me great but I can definitely tell its for big boys my friend tried it and it was very loose on him even when adjusting it. 6’3 280lbs and diamond shaped face. So ya made for me lol

Also the foam drives me nuts at the bridge of the nose. I put some tape so it doesn’t pin me to death

King Con says:

25the like and 230th view

Markee Mcfly says:

Tried them on at my local shop they are way too big the echo is like a empty hallway and the foam sticks out like the lil kid who was wrapped up in the lil giants movie

Kyler kemp says:

What’s the best gun for $800 I’m getting the gtek 160r is that good? Anybody can answer.

poopbandit90 says:

cool leg tattoo

Isonnec says:

i like i5 by far

José Julián Valdivieso Camacho says:

Dude I love ur tattoo

Cole Brennan says:

I bought the i5’s and its the Best Buy ive made in a long time



Lafferty Daniel says:

I have a dye mask too and the e flex kills that foam

travis epps says:

Then again the enhanced vision part I think was more for the hud monitor helmets not just the basic mask especially if it sync with others n shows player n teammate line of sight and can see giving a heads up but I can’t condone spending 400$ on a mask alone maybe if I was sponsored or pro maybe. But I do like the mouth piece it’s sturdy but does has some give I get a good amount of bounces. Only thing that gets me about this mask is when yellowing you get your own echo like I’m yelling to myself at times but I like it granted I like the looks the chin strap the foam it does the job for me

Oliver Kher says:

Most people save their opinions for the end. But i know exactly what you think in 60 seconds. Hilarious to me.

John Wick says:

It was like throwing a dead baby at me….. I spit my coffee. Subscribed now lol

Dan Kershaw says:

honestly I have tried vios, i4, i5, grillz, proflexes, etc bu to me the evs is the least noticeable…there is a little echo and muffled speaking but I played a couple points with them and you forget you have the mask on it literally feels like you have nothing on…most comfortable mask out right now imho

themanlile says:

its a great mask for people who wear glasses with a big head … biggest mask in the market with great space for glasses.

Kyle Westmoreland says:

I guess I weigh 5,000 lbs and have a huge face lol…

Tommy Tuomaala says:

abougt 2% of our vision is focused on target. the rest is used to spot movement and not details. if one need to se to the side it is easier to focus on what you want to se than spot snipers from the corner of your eye.

Jstew Productions says:

6’4 big head mask fits perfect 🙂

Risk says:

Wonder how many times you said “Ehh” or “sat back”

Oliver Kher says:

when is the dye rize maxxed review coming?

Zackary Worden says:

This was a great video and I agree with most of the things you said I personally think that this mask is ok but not better than my elfex I hated my evs’s because they don’t cover my damn ears lol and they echo really bad so I just gave them to my friend and he likes them

Little Miller says:

Hey team insanity what gun do you suggest to start speedball

Yukmout B says:

I’m about to buy a marker but I’m hesitant. not because I’m asking “which is better” but rather, when’s the next batch of new guns going to be released.

Ernesto Rivera galicia says:

review the evs $500 i want to know if they’re worth it

Lafferty Daniel says:

Thanks for your videos.Eflexes are awesome

Dustin Phillips says:

I just recently completed a tournament using these and can attest to some of these issues. Perfect diving into snake or Dorito and it would come up almost off my face, when tying to play tight and it rubs against the inflatables it had a tendency to shift to one side. The echo caused me to almost file disability for being deaf after the day. The foam was not as comfortable as say my I5 or Grillz. I don’t know if you have encountered this yet, but I play in GA and the humidity is bad here almost always and had some fogging issues for part of the day.

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